Review Batman Arkham City

Written by Twisted Ideas

Batman Arkham City is the highly anticipated sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum Arkham Asylum broke new grounds on what it meant to be a licensed superhero game. Even the best licensed superhero games may have had gameplay but many have failed to provide a compelling story, narrative and has not appealed to gamers well. Arkham Asylum accomplished all of those things and has won multiple game of the year awards and has become the best superhero game in the eyes of many gamers. Does Batman Arkham City live up to the cowl or does this bat fall short?

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Article Online Passes

Written by Twisted Ideas

In the past year or so console games have begun to include one time use “Online Pass” codes to be able to play online multiplayer. Users who buy games that use Online Passes new will receive a piece of paper with a download code to unlock multiplayer for free. Those who buy the game used have to go on the console’s respective networks to download the Pass for $10. While this tactic of battling used game sales makes sense Online Passes have issues.

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Review Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Written by Twisted Ideas

Disgaea is one of those JRPG series that draws you in or puts you off. Disgaea 4 is the latest tactical JRPG developed by NIS. NIS is known for their anime style bizarre tactics JRPG where levels caps at 9999 and where damage an reach trillions. Disgaea 4 finally upgraded their pixelated character sprites with HD sprites something that was oddly absent in Disgaea 3 which was also on the PS3. Those familiar with the series especially those who have played Disgaea 3 will know what to expect. Game mechanics from previous games mainly Disgaea 3 have been reworked to be more user friendly and balanced.

You play as Valvatorez a vampire who lost his power because of a promise that prevents him from drinking human blood and now has an obsession to sardines. He has fallen to Hades as a Prinny instructor training dead souls to become great servants in order to pay off their sins. The Corrupterment plans to kill all the Prinnys due to overpopulation and this drives Valvatorez to usurp the Corrupterment to save the Prinnys. With him is his servant Fenrich, a werewolf, a human girl who died but deludes herself thinking she’s in a dream. A man-made demon who wants to be the final boss. The cowardly son of death who was abandoned by his father and who everyone thinks is dead and a Thief Angel. Their end goals are different but they all benefit by following Valvatorz on his way to face the President of the Corrupterment.

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Review No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Written by Twisted Ideas

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is a HD port of the original version on the Wii developed by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufactures. You play as Travis Touchdown, an otaku who won a lightsaber beam katana on an online auction. Travis hears about an assassin and tries his new beam katana and kills him. Upon winning Travis is told by an organizer Silvia Krystal that he has defeated the Rank 11th assassin and fight and kill his way to the top. Silvia promising sex if he becomes motivates him to fight his way through 10 unique and colourful assassins on his way to Rank 1.

Heroes Paradise is not just a graphical upgrade, Paradise add DLC, PS Move support, a cutscene viewer and bosses from No More Heroes 2. New modes are also added. Score Attack allows you to re-fight bosses and allows you to upload high scores to leaderboards. Very Sweet mode is a new difficulty setting that gives a majority of the female cast skimpier outfits.

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Game Review: Resistance 3

Written by Afroson

As a Sony exclusive title, Resistance 3 has returned four years after Resistance 2 to close the series. Insomniac Games are the developers behind this last installment and will it leave us satisfied?

The game is a first-person sci-fi shooter that follows main protagonist-Joseph Capelli. The story embarks on an alien invasion set out to put humanity into extinction. The world of Earth has become more fearful as the Chimera-alien invaders, set out domination. Mainly Joseph is a devoted father with a wife-Susan and son-Jack, whose purpose is to survive with other humans. They are occupying an underground bunker in Haven, Oklahoma with other survivors hoping for faith that the war may end. But not to spoil the plot, a scientist named Dr. Malikov pitches a plan that could save humanity by traveling to New York with him to destroy a terraformer– generator that is alternating the Earth’s climate into frozen temperatures, which could definitely wipe out the remaining humans on the planet.

The visuals of Resistance 3 are phenomenal. The level designs by Insomniac Games are impressive. As I was playing through the campaign, the details of a cold, frigid New York City were realistic with a potent snowfall shielding my view. The character details of the Chimera were varied. Meaning not every enemy was generic, each had their own outlook with different looking bosses, insect-little minions, and vicious troops.

The gameplay of Resistance 3 is fun for single-player but a clusterbomb mess for multiplayer.As you venture with Joseph Capelli to save humankind, the game equips a weapon wheel that stores unique weapons throughout levels of the game. Such weapons include the mutator– once the enemy is hit by contact the flesh enlarges into an acidic bubble exploding everywhere. The atomizer projects electricity shock, frying the Chimera to death. However, each weapon have their own upgrade like the play-style of Ratchet and Clank. The more the weapon is used throughout the campaign, the better upgrades to that specific weapon becomes more epic. Also the health meter from the campaign is different from other modern day shooters of Call of Duty, and Resistance. In those modern day shooters, the health meter regenerates where as in Resistance 3, you are to find health packs on the floor and thus creates strategic thinking when attacking enemies to not take amounts of damage.

Now here is where the value of the game comes into play: multiplayer. The multiplayer features split-screen online gameplay which I was able to play along side a family member but the games tended to be laggy most of the time. Resistance 3 had the standard game modes of team deathmatch and free-for-fall but introduced meaningful team objective games of breach and chain reaction. The game mode breach makes up of an attack team and defensive team. The attack team’s objective is to destroy generator stations across levels and defensive team is to stop the generator from being destroyed. The game mode chain reaction is much similar to Modern Warfare 2’s concept of domination and that is to capture areas. Basically the first team is to capture all areas wins the round. Within the multiplayer the customization and upgrading system is what makes Resistance 3 standout from Killzone 3. The unique weapons from the campaign carry over into the multiplayer which is what Killzone 3 couldn’t do. The game features an unlock system of skill points that are earned in the multiplayer. With those skill points you can use them to buy characters skins of both human and Chimera; upgrading a weapons specialty feature and purchasing perks to help solidify yourself in combat. And apparently the bad was going to be included as well. For starters the damage scale to kill online users becomes annoying, due to the fact that the life bar takes an entire clip of ammo to finish someone. The consistent bad spawning whether its in front of an enemy team or an enemy player spawning behind you to get a free backstabber kill is unnecessary. And most importantly, I don’t know if its only me but the frame rate from when I am on brink of death whether by bullets or a grenade explosive, becomes choppy. And its frame rate issues I am having every match I am put into.

In the end Resistance3 has a compelling story of a devoted father in Joseph Capelli. The campaign has alot of variety to it: bone-chilling enemies in abandoned towns, fighting herds of enemies out in open city combat to viewing a frozen-rigid New York City. The capability of the weapons with each of their own upgrades brings a solid sci-fi shooter with much re-playability. However the multiplayer failed to deliver a robust experience with frame rate issues upon death, frustrating spawns for players achieving cheap kills and the damage scale taking too in kill a player. This game is most a rental for the incredible single player experience and not a buy for $67 dollars (Canada of course with tax) as the multiplayer was a let down for me. I am still trying to find my groove with the use of perks to select and which primary weapon to upgrade to the max. I have never felt at a breaking point to quit a multiplayer experience as challenging as Resistance 3. But could only be me.

The overall score of this game gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Article PS2 Classics

Written by Twisted Ideas

Sony has just released their first batch of games under their “PS2 Classics” line for the Playstation Network. Notable and obscure games be available for sale at the price of $9.99. The PS2 Classics line is different from the HD releases. These games are not remastered for HD and do not support trophies. The PS2 Classics are more inline with the PS1 Classics as it provides smoothing and aspect ratio options. Sony has announced some games do not emulate properly and have no intention of fixing and releasing those game.

The first batch of games released are:

    God Hand
    Maximo: Ghosts of Glory
    Odin Sphere
    Ring of Red

The lack of HD and trophy support has upset some gamers but I don’t think that’s an issue. If publishers or developers are not interested in doing HD releases for what ever reason then I am okay with that. The PS2 Classics are similar to the PS1 Classics as neither of them are in HD nor do they support trophies and as long as I can play games that I did not get the chance to play then I don’t really care. What my main issue is that the PS2 Classics suggest that PS2 emulation is possible on all model of the PS3.

Why can I play Odin Sphere on the PS3 if I were to buy it but I can’t if I put in my actual copy of Odin Sphere. This wouldn’t bother me as much if backwards compatibility for the PS1 was not possible either. What I assume is a large proportion of PS3 owners are not aware of is that all models of the PS3 can play PS1 games perfectly fine. The downloadable and disc copies are able to use the same save game with no problems. None of this is possible with the PS2 games.

The PS3 is able to create virtual memory cards for PS1 and PS2 games. I assumed that the PS2 Classics would use this feature but they don’t. I bought GrimGrimore and saw a new saved data directory was created on the XMB. The save file was 17 MB which is twice the size of a PS2 memory card and significantly larger than PS3 save game files. I don’t know where that comes from. When I took the first opportunity to save and had not reached any sort of gameplay yet. The funny thing is that while saving the game still says to not remove the 8 MB memory card, thanks Sony. The PS3 has a system in place for PS2 memory cards but are not using it and is completely useless to so many people now.

As of writing this the PS3 has not received a firmware update and the way they have handled the save file is stupid and suggest that Sony has no intention of allowing disc copies to be played on non-backwards compatible models of the PS3. I don’t understand what is so difficult to allow PS2 games to be played off the disc in the same way the PS1 games are played. Hopefully in the future Sony will enable disc support but I’m not holding my breath.