Review: Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer

Written by Afroson

Last year in 2010, Ubisoft released their first ever multiplayer for the Assassin’s Creed franchise regarding the installment of Brotherhood. With a new year, expectations are vastly greater to take Assassin’s Creed Revelations’ multiplayer to the next level to not only satisfy previous players but to gain new loyal recruits. This is admirably an exciting, action-assassin game but will be broken down into different specifics to value the full perspective.


To optically to make this version a better stealthier game than its predecessor, Ubisoft introduced a reversed detection meter. How it works is the meter starts at a low-point kill bonus and as your target is in close vicinity of your assassin, the meter rises to a high-point kill point, making the kills much earned and deserving.  Now on the defensive side, the stuns are faster and distance enhanced. With the stuns being distance enhanced  it posed a lot of problems for myself when facing players with lag-filled connections. Stuns also carry bonus streaks if you are to stun your pursuers three times in a row. There’s a new mechanic called contested kill- if I was hiding in a haybail and my pursuer approach the haybail for the kill, at the same time my pursuer would press the kill button and I can press the stun button and what it would do is lower my pursuer’s kill bonus and I shall receive one hundred points as an incentive. Another bonus added is called ground finish – if your contract was killed before you had the chance to reach him or her, a ground finish title appears over your targets dead body to scoop in for fifty points. The matchmaking system fizzles in two areas. First, as i am a level 50 player I would like to be in lobbies with other level 50 players that have the same skill level. Majority of the matches tend to place myself with low level players and becomes irritating. Second, as i am in a match the contracts never rotate throughout between the players in the session. I tend to get the targets that are placed in 1st and 2nd rank slots and there could be a level 50 player in the 8th slot and I would never get that person as a target regarding the same skill level. This has been a head-scratcher from Brotherhood and hasn’t changed to this new version.  Lastly regarding the function of abilities used, you can know toss abilities such as smoke bomb, firecrackers and a new ability called tripwire bomb. To toss your abilities, you must hold down the trigger or bumper buttons and on the screen shows a white arc and you can cancel the toss by pressing the stun button. This new feature creates a faster game style to pick out your pursuer from a blend group or from a long distance in an alley and spook him or her by surprise.  As well a new tool where you can craft your abilities. You can decrease your abilities cooldown time, change its duration to make it last longer or increase its range of effectiveness.

Game Modes

The modes have been separated into two different playlists; one called free-for-all and the other team objectives. Some of the game modes from Brotherhood have returned such as Wanted, Manhunt, Chest Capture, Escort and Assassinate. One of the new modes, Simple Deathmatch is a mode to help new players to the game learn the mechanics. In this mode, your persona is the only player in the match so no other copies in the map. Also you cannot use abilities, theirs no compass available to pinpoint where your target is and the only way to find your target is to use your target’s portrait border; it lights a blue colour indicating that player is in the area. Deathmatch is the same as Simple Deathmatch but the usage of abilities is a factor and the maps are constructed to a smaller area rather than its original size. Corruption involves two teams of corrupted (hunters) and uncorrupted (hiders). There are three rounds of 4 minutes, the goal for the corrupted are to find and kill their targets and the uncorrupted are to hid for the 4 minutes of play. This turned out to be my favourite mode because it was fun and I developed two loadouts that were effective for wins. Steal the Artifact requires one of two chests to be stolen. The objective is hold on to the chest for as long as possible to earn points. If the chest has been held for a long duration the possession of the chest you held resets and another player has a chance to capture it. Lastly Artifact Assault is a team mode requiring two teams of 4. Basically its a capture the flag kind of mode but with a chest stationed at each team’s zone. The goal is to steal the opposing team’s chest for a point until the 10 minutes of regulation is over.

Characters and Customization

There is a large cast of characters featuring over ten to choose from. Majority of the characters have a basic model to them and don’t feel slight distinctive as the characters from Brotherhood did. The depth of customization with the characters is impressive from changing a characters stun move, taunts, physical outlook — facials, leg fitting, head wear and most importantly the interchange of weapons equipped. The game has introduced abstergo credits which is virtual currency earned at the end each match and can be spend on such customization as well as designing a emblem to place on your Templar assassin.

Presentation of Stages

There are nine featured stages. Only five of them are new and four of them have been retained due to the fan’s feedback. All of them are massively huge. Generally I found myself exploiting the maps’ size for opposing players to find my surroundings. It apparently became time consuming going from one corner of the map to the another to find my target thus wasn’t implemented in Brotherhood. One level that stood out from the group was Souk. It was visually a reddish level, more of the environment creating a reddish perspective to matches and I blended in very well as an stealth assassin. I was looking forward to variety in the level designs of small and large maps. Especially with smaller maps to create a less roofy game session.


Potentially the multiplayer could have shined from last year’s predecessor. The reverse detection meter gives an emphasis that this game is made to be stealthier and much earned on the quality of kills. The depth of customization involved is intriguing to bring much replayability to unlock all the weapons, emblems and outfits for each character.  However the bad ensues with poor matchmaking incapable to match my level 50 ranked with a full room of other level 50 players. The target acquire mechanic in the game doesn’t diversify enough to give me a different player to kill rather than pinpointing me to the same top two players in the match. And last thing, why am I paying full retail price for 4 old maps from the previous game. I expected fresh content of maps but Ubisoft is pulling a COD move to sell you dlc’s of new content for an extra buck. You snakes in the grass developers.

The overall score of this multiplayer gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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