Review Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Demo

Written by Twisted Ideas

First thing’s first EA is having a promotion where playing the demo of Kingdoms of Amalur then you receive bonus content for Mass Effect 3 and vice versa when the Mass Effect demo is released. This is the only reason why I’m aware and playing the demo. To be honest this is a cleaver marketing move for a game that’s probably unknown to most.

The demo starts off with back story and two gnomes dragging a cart. Soon after you get to customize your character and your assumed dead body is thrown into a pile of corpses. As you wake up the tutorial begins.

Kingdoms of Amalur is a third person RPG. Along the way you acquire 3 weapon types (swords, daggers, staves), a bow, armour and a shield. The equipment pushed towards the three classes, warrior, rogue and mage each with their own skill tree. Combat is varied from melee, stealth, long ranged and magic with defensive options of blocking and evasion. The end of the dungeons has a mini boss that ends in a quick time event influencing experience.

Outside the dungeon you are introduced to Reckoning mode and Destinies. Reckoning mode increases strength and speed ending in a quick time event also influencing experience and Destinies are the classes you choose. After the tutorial you are free to roam and perform quests for the rest of the demo.

Kingdoms of Amalur feels like a poor mans Elder Scrolls with a visual style reminiscent to Fable. It is looking like a dumbed down version of Bioware’s Dragon Age series. Amalur is similar as it is a third person fantasy RPG with quests, dialogue trees and what will probably be an attempt at an epic story. The graphics are less detailed, the mechanics are simpler and you have a mute main character. The game feels fast and loose which is important for RPGs of considerable length.

The demo is quite lengthy but if you’ve played a Fallout or an Elder Scrolls or even a Fable then you know exactly what kind of game to expect. I enjoyed what I played but rather unimpressed. The immediate story didn’t grab me and even though the combat was adequate there are action games that can accomplish the same thing and I don’t have to run around for 60+ hours or however long the game turns out to be. If you want another western RPG you probably could do worse but with Mass Effect 3 coming around the corner if you had to pick one of the two then Mass Effect is the more appealing decision. Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning is set to be released February 7 2012 in North America

Game developers please release a demo for you games. It really does help to make purchasing decisions and this is one that I am not going to make. P.S. Thanks for the free stuff.

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