Review Gotham City Imposters Beta

Written by Twisted Ideas

Just coming off the Starhawk beta I stumbled across yet another beta. Gotham City Impostors is an upcoming first person shooter based on the Batman universe. You either play as the Batz, average joes dressed up in cowls and wearing the Batman symbol or the Jokerz, average joes dressed up like the psychotic clown. It shares similarities with Team Fortress 2 with it’s comedic violent style and it’s gameplay. This will be a downloadable title on PSN and XBLA. An open beta was just released and from what I played the online is going to need a lot of work.


Gotham City Impostors has a level up system just as all shooters have to have nowadays and you start off with your generic classes; The striker, the scout, the defender, the medic and the sniper. They all are equipped with their own weapons, gadgets and have different health and speeds. The two game modes in the beta are Fumigation and Psych Warfare. Fumigation is like Call of Duty’s domination mode. There are three gasblasters that you need to capture in order to gain the advantage. The goal is to have your gas reach 100% before the opposing team to win. Psych Warfare is most similar to capture the flag. You need to obtain a battery in order to power your propaganda machine to earn points and easy kills. When installed you have to defend the machine as it starts.

The guns are what you would expect from and FPS. You have rifles, machine guns, rockets, shotguns, etc. You can buy weapons mods for your guns. The unique weapons is the motivator that heals allies. Support items vary from purpose. There are your typical grenades, explosive traps or tools that will disorient opponents.

Gadgets are probably the most unique aspect of Gotham City Impostors. Gadgets can help you traverse the map taking advantage of the environment. The grapple can hook on to any surface and pull you forward, the roller skates make you faster and will launch you off of ramps and the glider rig will use updrafts to allow to glide. Those are only a few examples but with the gadgets and trampolines in the map games can be chaotic when players are 20 feet in the air.

The classes have a fixed weapon loadout but you can use custom loadouts. Custom loadout will allow you mix and match guns, gadgets, support and change appearance and size. The size influences the health, strength and speed of the character. Health regenerates slowly so there are health/ammo pickups laying around


When it works the game is good but I have had tons of disconnections, couldn’t find matches, games that won’t start, or trapped in the menus. The lag isn’t too bad but when it is that game becomes unbearable. There doesn’t seem to be any way to mute a player and the mics are very loud. The level system feels irrelevant after the first few levels because you can choose specific items to unlock for custom loadouts. This system might change in the full game but I doubt it.


For a downloadable game Gotham City Impostors is looking great. It has good ideas and style but this is the beta for a game that’s coming out in February. Coming right out of the Starhawk beta that had great connections and matchmaking Impostors’ online is woeful. The game is very cheap. Certain weapons that can one shot kill have more ammo than is fair. There is also a gadget that marks enemies so the team can see them through walls. I find the game frustrating at times but it is fun. I want more arcadey shooters that aren’t in space or sudo realistic war simulators. I don’t know that the full version is going to add but they need to do a lot if it wants to have long lasting appeal.

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