Article Street Fighter X Tekken EB Games Tournament / First Impressions

Written By Twisted Ideas

Our local EB Games  held a Street Fighter X Tekken tournament March 6, 2012 the day of release for the launch of the game. This was an internally run tournament and the first of its kind in this particular EB. Myself and Coolboycorporate entered and I give you a rundown on how things went.

The tournament for about four hours. They capped the tournament at 36 players but due to the length some contestants dropped out. The format was single elimination best 2 out of 3 matches. Due to the size of the store and the placement of the monitor the front door was often crowded blocking customers. CBC and I were on the second half of the bracket so we had to wait a while. I didn’t have a good view so I looked around the store and found an open strategy guide. Neither of us had played the game so I used that time to look at move lists and general mechanics texting CBC what we should know.

The tournament was a bit unorganized. They thought that one TV was enough for the tournament. They later set up a small monitor to have more matches. The monitor was laggy and I was on it for all my matches that night. There was one player who wore a Ryu headband at the tournament. He complained about the laggy monitor and refused to play on it waiting for the TV. I made a comment about his horrible Cammy play not realizing that he was right in front of me playing. He gave use looks as the night went on. The level of play was lower than I expected as we took our Street Fighter 4 fundamentals and adapted quickly. There were still good players and some decided to have fun and use the Tekken characters despite the control differences but only a few stood out.

My first match was against an Akuma/Abel. I fell into the trap of playing SF4 style attempting links with Vega. I quickly grew accustom to chains and found my opportunities to punish. I am unfamiliar with Ryu’s normals but made use of Ryu’s crouch medium kick and went for ambiguous cross ups on most knockdowns. I had trouble catching Akuma with his runaway air fireballs and blocking Abel’s Change of Direction. I made several mistakes such as low damage punishes, rushing poorly, wasting meter, testing moves and mechanics during a match. The game went to the wire in the last match. He tagged into Abel in my face not realizing that his low health Akuma was still vulnerable. I took my shot and got a surprising win.

My second match was against a Heihachi/Ryu team. I was worried the first round because his Ryu caught me with several cross up tastus taking the first round. I was aware that Tekken characters, mainly Heihachi, have mids that hit crouching opponents thus blocking most overheads. The next two rounds I played my zoning/punish game again taking two time overs. The second round he stopped using cross up air tatsus thus playing into my rhythm costing him the match.

My third match was the quarter finals against a Ryu/Balrog. I attempted my zoning game but he was a more skilled player forcing me to use mix-ups that I am unfamiliar with. I’ve got a few overheads and cross ups but I lacked proper punishes and proper knowledge of Ryu’s chain combo that left me open several times. He had several impressive tag combos that dealt high damage. I assume that he had time earlier in the day to learn his bread and butter combos. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t know how to safely tag out my characters leaving me open to free damage. He took the first, I took the second and he won the final game knocking me out of the tournament.

Coolboycorporate’s first match was a casual due to contestants who dropped out. He fought a Zangief/Chun Li. This was his first time playing and he decided to start Guile. He had problems with the monitor’s lag and getting used to the new system. He did struggle to what was a quite strong opponent to win the mock battle.

I missed most of his second match but his quarter-final match was against a Dhaslim/Zangief team. He started Bison first and at this point he had solid bread and butters. He saw during my match against the Ryu/Balrog player that you can get multiple normal juggle hits off of a tag combo and used that to his advantage. I initially thought that his Dhalsim would be more a threat but he couldn’t keep out Bison or deal with Guile when he was up close.

The Semi final match was against the Ryu/Balrog player. He played as solidly as he did against me getting flashy and damaging combos. There were a few execution errors from CBC but his rush was still too strong.

The grand finals was a 3 out of 5 set against a Ryu/King team. That guy got bodied quick. The match looked like how CBC plays SF4. A lot of Scissors Kick pressure and long block strings from Guile that baits counter hits. CBC read him like a book catching his jumps with Bison’s jump medium punch and Guile’s air grab. CBC won the set 3-0 winning the tournament.

Both of us were skeptical about Street Fighter X Tekken because without playing the game it was hard to see what’s good about the game. The game is accessible to both casual players and has the technical level for players to strive to get better. Street Fighter games always had this high execution barrier that was always difficult to overcome. The inclusions of chains makes characters that would have been unrealistic for you to play well viable. I would need more time with the game but I am happy with my performance. I was able to learn most of the new mechanic and apply to my skill set easily.

The losers not in the top 3 got constellation prizes that we could choose from a bag.

My consolation prize plus an Ivy bobble head I got earlier

EB’s first place prizes A.K.A. operation get rid of shit.

Did anyone even like the new Splatterhouse?

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