DLC Review Final Fantasy XIII-2: Requiem of the Goddess

Written By Twisted Ideas

The latest batch DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has just been released on PSN and XBLA. The first is “Snow: Perpetual Battlefield” a piece of Story DLC  and another Colosseum battle. The second is “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess”. I didn’t buy Snow’s DLC but Lightning’s is the more interesting of the two because it elaborates on the cliffhanger ending of XIII-2. The DLC is $5/400 Microsoft points but is it really worth it?

Requiem of the Goddess is a rather short piece of DLC. You play as Lightning in a single battle against the main villain of XIII-2. Whether you win or lose Lightning will gain CP, which is used to level her up giving her new roles, abilities and higher stats. If you manage to get five stars in the first battle a second battle will commence. If you defeat the second form you will receive the ending to Lightning’s story in XIII-2. Defeating both forms again gives a brief monologue hinting at a sequel rather than another piece of DLC. If you can five star both battles you will gain Lightning as a monster character in her goddess outfit using the commando role.

So is it worth it? Well if you’re like me and have a lot to do in the game still then having Lightning on your team (who is very strong) is a bonus. I haven’t downloaded any of the Colosseum or story DLC but from what I’ve seen and read they aren’t as good as Requiem of the Goddess. It’s well done and the battle is a good showing of how fun the game can be when it challenges you properly. If you have completely finished the game then you’re probably better off watch the cutscenes online and saving yourself $5.


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