Review Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer

Written by Afroson

Ubisoft released Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, a captivating third person, cover-base shooter. As a fan of shooting games, I’m always looking for a game to last for about several months until it stales out. And Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has gotten me addicted since its release on May 22.

This type of third-person shooter is no walk in the park with the controls. Most shooters that have come out follow the controls scheme of Call of Duty. I always enjoy a challenge into learning a method that will enhance my skills and doing my diligence of grasping the controls scheme was rewarding. The two main aspects of this game is to be a team player and to essentially take cover. This is solely a team objective or team-oriented game. The use of the microphone became apparent while communicating with teammates to either capture or defend objectives. To hear myself vocally and my teammates communicating properly to achieve the objective was a great strategic feeling. It was more of getting the win than playing for a kill-death ratio. The cover system is very fluid; moving from wall to behind a car. Regardless where you take cover, there’s a triangle indicator that gives a potential cover spot.

The game features 4 game modes that are all team objectives. However Ubisoft forgotten to include team deathmatch which is an essential mode to all shooters. The game is very addictive but leaving out such a pivotal mode may lose contention for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier being shooter of the year. Digressing of leaving out an essential mode, the game implements a class system and each have their own unique abilities. You are given 3 classes to start off: riflemen, scout and engineer. First with the riflemen, he has the best armour, weapons and one of his equipment includes an incendiary grenade. Second with the scout, when in cover a camouflage cloak surrounds his entire body. Lastly with the engineer, he has sensor grenades that show red silhouettes of the opposition which can easily achieve the drop on enemies and his equipment includes deploying either a turret or an aerial uav that descend frag grenades or emp grenades.

Target Eliminated

The customization with the weapons in this game is so in depth. From the paint job, to upgrading the recoil or making your assault rifles either a full-automatic or a three round burst assassin. Ubisoft just went full into detail by not only with the customization but after you can test out your weapon in a virtual firing range to see if it fits your comfort level.

The levels are designed well. The most special one that I’ve enjoyed is a map called Sandstorm. Literally midway through gameplay, an actual sandstorm will progress and visually obscures your vision creating an immersive battle.

To conclude Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a very tactical shooter that requires players willingly to come together as a team and dominate the competition. With a smooth cover base system and impressive hit detection, users that enjoy shooters should pick this up. My two gripes about this game are there is no team deathmatch which is a must for all shooters and the host migration connection. Whenever the host quits and the game reassigns a new host everyone respawns back to their spawn base rather than continuing off where your last position. This became a time killer if you strategically were guarding an objective or attacking it and had everything planned out, knowing everything had to be started all over again.

The overall score of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s multiplayer is an 8.5 out of 10.


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