DLC Review Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Written by Twisted Ideas

The newest piece of Arkham City DLC was released last week and it isn’t another challenge map pack or a DLC character. Harley Quinn’s Revenge is an epilogue chapter for Arkham City revolving around Harley, Batman and Robin. The DLC costs $10 but should you reenter Arkham City.


Two weeks after the events of Arkham City, Harley Quinn is holding police officers hostage forcing Batman to come to their aid. Two days have passed and Batman has yet to been seen. With the Bat-Family growing more concerned Oracle sends Robin to Arkham City to find out what happened to the Dark Knight.


Nothing has changed gamplay-wise unless you have not downloaded the Robin character DLC. This is the first time Robin has a story role in Arkham City. The fundamentals are the same but Robin is armed unique gadgets, most notably the bullet shield, the zip kick and the bo staff. The story shift between Batman and Robin but you are isolated within the Joker territory of Arkham City.

Final Thoughts

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is good but I was expecting much more. Rocksteady has done a good job in crafting epic stories tapping into the Batman universe but this DLC felt like was a side-story in the day of the life of Batman. No closure was given to the ending of Arkham City. They didn’t delve into Batman’s feelings about the events of the game, or dig too deep into Harley’s grief. No questions were asked nor were any answered. As a comic fan, this story felt like it should have been the start of something bigger but it turned out to be an hour long episode. I recommend game of the year edition for those who don’t own the game. It comes with all the DLC (Harley Quinn’s Revenge included) and Batman Year One. Other than that it’s a pass.

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