Review: NBA 2K13


Written by Afroson

As a once supporter and believer in the 2K sports franchise, I had high hopes from NBA 2K13 to build off from last years version to fix heavenly on the gameplay animations and stop with the gimmicks. I remember first playing NBA 2K9 when Kevin Garnett was the cover, the first game of yearly releases and thought this game has potential; just tweak the gameplay. So year after year with 2K10, 2K11 and 2K12 the gameplay has yet be tweaked My frustration just continued to build as I stuck with the sports franchise just hoping the gameplay polish can be fixed. The moment I picked up NBA 2K13 I’m thinking this could be it, the gameplay has to be┬árefined┬áby now, it’s been 4 years playing these series of basketball games. After playing 11 games of online play to see if anything has changed, I put my foot my down and will not play another basketball game made by 2K Sports. My reasons will be justified for someone who’s now a faded optimist.

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Review A look back at The Walking Dead The Game Season 1

Written by Twisted Ideas

The last episode for The Walking Dead The Game was just released wrapping up this season. Earlier this year I wasn’t sure if I could recommend buying the season just based on the first episode. Now that episode five has been released I know for certain whether it is worth the investment.

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