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what's hot in 2013

With the lull that was 2012 behind us let’s look towards the new year. 2013 is already promising a stronger line up with both sequels and a surprising amount of new IPs. There’s a lot to look forward to this year with several games coming out within the first half of the year. I’m not aware of everything that’s coming out but are the games that have been on my radar.

Ni-No-Kuni-LogoRelease Date: January 22

Ni no Kuni is co-developed by Studio Ghibli known for their acclaimed movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and Ponyo to name a few. It was originally released in Japan on the DS then the PS3 and is finally being localized. I don’t know much the game but that it’s an adventure style RPG in this fantastical fantasy world. Combined with what seems to be a heartfelt story from the English trailer and just to be in a world from the creators of those great movies will be something fresh.

metal gear solid revengeance

Release Date: February 19

This is a game that was originally canceled and revived with without a word from Hideo Kojima until recently. There hasn’t been a Metal Gear Solid game taking place after MGS4 I’m curious as to what has changed in the world a result. Revengeance is being handled by Platinum Games the team behind Devil May Cry and Bayonetta and promises to be a high action experience.

Tomb-Raider-RebootRelease Date: March 5

I have only played the more recent Tomb Raider games and personally my impression was that Prince of Persia and Uncharted are doing what Tomb Raider wanted to do much better. With this “reboot” brings Lara back before she was the world famous acrobatic archeologist that we have come to know. She doesn’t have the confidence, the training or the experience and will have to learn all of that if she wants to survive. This is finally that I find appealing about Lara and am excited.

bioshock-infiniteRelease Date: March 26

The first two Bioshock games have been about seeing philosophical ideas being played out into their logical extremes. Bioshock 2 suffered from having to follow the first game. Bioshock Infinite finally takes the series out of Rapture into something that I think will be new and exciting.

Injustice Gods Among Us Release Date: April

Netherrealms finally brings the DC Universe back into the fighting game scene. When Netherrealms did the Mortal Kombat reboot stood out. It wasn’t the violence that it’s famous for but for the level of balance and the huge amount of single player content and game modes. I have the utmost faith that they can bring the same magic to Injustice.

The Last of Us Release Date: May 7

Naughty Dog coming off of the Uncharted series with a post apocalyptic game. Similar to last year’s I Am Alive, The Last of Us has the main characters surviving in a world where the infected and the survivors won’t think twice about killing them. The initial trailers shown us something very raw and visceral and with the level of characterization seen in Uncharted Naughty Dog has something special.

Pokemon x and y

Release Date: October

The 6th generation of Pokemon are already here. So soon after Pokemon Black and White 1 and 2 generation 6 is moving to the 3DS and is in full 3D. I’ve dipped in and out of the series because the competitive aspect doesn’t appeal to me. I would rather fill my Pokedex as much as I can. When Nintendo throws game after game at us I get frustrated because I’m always doing the same thing. X and Y feels like a good starting point again since I just bought a new 3DS XL and the new visual style.


Release Date: 2013

Personally, if it wasn’t for Quantic Dream’s previous games I wouldn’t be too interested in Beyond Two Souls. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are games made with the intent of being a playable film. They had unique gameplay and storytelling ideas that didn’t necessarily work. Little has been revealed yet but I do want to see if they get it right.

One comment on “Article My most anticipated games of 2013

  1. GTA V is what I’m waiting for! The game looks absolutely amazing and I hope it lives up to it’s hype! I’ve also pre-ordered Broken Sword 5. I really want Pokémon Y and a 3DS.
    Would you be interested in reading and commenting your opinion on perhaps female protagonists being included in a GTA game at all?

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