Article PlayStation All-Stars DLC Characters first thoughts

Written by Twisted Ideas

Playstation All-Stars DLC title card

Two new DLC characters among other DLC and one stage have been released for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmet Graves (Starhawk) will be free for the two weeks for all PlayStation users. Having played the two characters to some extent I am going to give you my thoughts and some tips on how you should approach the two.

Kat has all the movement options that suit this game. Several of Kat’s attacks move her a fair distance to the side and the above her. Kat also has a combo potential as good as Dante’s with a launcher you can chase opponents in the air, a move that pulls in characters close and several combo starting moves. One of her weaknesses is the lack of a good crowd control move making her suited to 1v1 games. Her main weakness is that if blocked she is very vulnerable, a weakness shared with Raiden.

Emmet Graves is strange character. His Square attacks lack range and a lot of combo potential. His Triangle attacks are based on his rifle but lack any real stopping power. In order to use Emmet effectively you will have to rely on his Circle moves. Emmet can summon four structures: an AP generating becon, a turret and two are weapon stations. First is the weapon is the M.A.W. Launcher, which is usable for three shots and the second is the Union Shotgun useable for six shots. The M.A.W. is used for long range crowd control and changes Emmet’s Level 1 to a full screen bullet. The Shotgun is used to make up for close range game and changes Emmet’s Level 1 to a two part attack shooting straight and diagonally up.

After playing the two characters for a while Kat is clearly the stronger character.

Emmet has decent tools like the auto turret that can interrupt Level 1 Supers but the Shotgun isn’t nearly as effective as it should be and he can’t take control of a 1v1 situation like other characters. As a teammate however I think Emmet can be very useful especially if paired with Drake or possibly Radec as keep away teams. As long the weapon stations aren’t destroyed you can keep on replacing your guns if you run out of ammo. The M.A.W. Launcher does a lot of knock back and can be manually aimed unlike Drake’s barrel or Radec’s sniper.

Kat can capitalise off of so many of her moves including her grabs that you are eventually going to get you hits in. If you can maximize your meter gain off of all of these moves then you can easily control a match. She does suffer in Free For All matches because most moves leave her open for the people you didn’t hit. Forward Square is what you should use in a crowd because it can hit multiple characters and is much faster than Foward Circle. It is best to try to force 1v1 situations because that’s where she excels.

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