Article Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced at Evo 2013 and other fighting game news

Written by Twisted Ideas

Evo 2013, the largest fighting game tournament, was this past weekend and just before the Super Street Fighter 4 AE top 8 Capcom revealed its debut trailer. The update will contain 5 new characters (4 returning and 1 brand new), 6 new stages and unannounced new modes and features. The update will be on disc for $39.00 and DLC for $14.99  as with Arcade Edition. The disc version will contain all of the DLC costumes and owners of Super who didn’t upgrade to Arcade Edition will only have to pay for Ultra upon release. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will release early 2014.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 wasn’t necessarily a secret at this point. For months Capcom has been taking community suggestions for the balance update and the day before they announced the new characters and features and showcased a few of the balance changes. Was this update necessary? To the people who still play the game regularly yes. When Arcade Edition first released it felt rushed and incomplete. Version 2012 fixed a lot of the much needed balance issues but nothing else. It seems like Capcom is taking the easy way out and using resources from Street Fighter x Tekken for the characters and stages. These new modes may be as pointless and the car and barrel bonus games in Super.

I have been playing Street Fighter 4 on and off for the past 5 years so I will be getting the newest update however much they’ve added.

Some other fighting game news also emerged during Evo this weekend.

Injustice has announced the 5th DLC character, Martin Manhunter and our big green alien friend is looking like a beast. Unfortunately he won’t be included with the first 4 DLC characters on the Season Pass. Netherrealms want to have a total of 8 DLC characters so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another Season Pass around the corner.

Skullgirls will be released on PC on August 22 with the balance updates and new characters. If you haven’t picked up Skullgirls yet now might be a good time to start. The balance update will change the core of the game so that it isn’t so combo heavy. Originally the game would consist of 2 or 3 long combos to finish opponents. The damage should have been tweaked so less skilled or less creative players can be rewarded a bit more.

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