Review The Walking Dead 400 Days

Written by Twisted Ideas

Landscape_400_daysThe surprise game of the year has received DLC. The Walking Dead 400 Days is made to help connect Season 1 to Season 2 when it gets released. The decisions made in this DLC will affect events in season 2. What choices will you make?

What is it?

400 Days is composed of 5 short episodes and an epilogue bridging the stories together and providing the possible setting to season 2. There are 5 main characters who are shown at different points of the apocalypse. True to the series, you will have to make difficult decisions weighing heavily on the human conscience and morality.  While it’s possible for these  characters to die you cannot reach the epilogue until each episode is completed.

The Walking Dead 400 Days is a fairly short piece of DLC, each episode lasting about under 15-20 minutes. You don’t spend much time with each character but with the level of the writing you already feel the hardships that they had to experience. Some of these don’t seem to be connected in any way but if you pay attention to the details will notice some. There are even some nods to Season 1 referencing how your game played out. Some are more developed than others so it will be interesting to see more of these characters in Season 2. It is unknown the extent that 400 Days will influence Season 2. If you do not play it then there will be default decisions made for you.

Why do you want it?

Telltale is doing something very innovative, similar to what Mass Effect achieved. These games allow you to influence the events however big or small. From a writing standpoint, it’s a huge amount of work to write for all these different scenarios. When Season 1 ended the developers mentioned that there were over 60 possible combinations to reach the conclusion. Season 2 will undoubtedly be influenced by Season 1 as well and including 400 Days into the mix is mind-boggling. Owners of the Season 1’s season pass will still have to buy 400 Days. If you pass on 400 Days it probably won’t lessen the experience of Season 2 but there probably will be a big chunk of content you will miss. I there is anything that you don’t want to miss is the incredible writing and decision-making that made Season 1 game of the year.

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