Review Pokemon X and Y

Written by Twisted Ideas


Pokemon finally has the makeover that people wanted for the main series to have for a long time. The 6th Generation of Pokemon is here coming to the 3DS presented with fully 3D graphics and animations. The long-standing competitive RPG has had a very good run on the DS, all 9 of them. There was Pokemon Overload for a couple of years which saw a decline in the fan base. After taking a few years to clean up for the new handheld does Pokemon X and Y play as good as it looks.

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Article Pokemon X and Y Save Corruption Glitch

Written by Twisted Ideas

I have been made aware that in the recently released Pokemon X and Y if you save in Lumiose City your save game will be unusable. For players who don’t recall or haven’t reached Lumiose, it is the obnoxious city that’s in full 3D with a camera you can’t control and where you’ll probably get lost. When you try to load your save file from Lumiose your game will soft lock. There is no solution to resolve this issue other than starting a new game and saving over the corrupted file. I am unaware if it exclusively caused if you try to load your game from Lumiose City but I would recommend avoiding saving anywhere in the city.

It’s unfortunate that there’s a game ending glitch that can occur easily and accidentally. Nintendo hasn’t announced any word on the matter but a patch will undoubtably be worked on.