Review Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1

Written by Twisted Ideas


Bioshock Infinite has received it’s first piece of story DLC after the game’s initial release in April. The twisted ending of Bioshock Infinite opened up a lot of doors but also closed just as many. The trailer revealed familiar characters in a familiar setting in a combination that shouldn’t happen.

This review contains spoilers for the ending of Bioshock Infinite and some parts of the DLC.

What Is It?

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea has Booker DeWitt working as a private detective in Rapture one day before the riots that destroyed the city. Elizabeth hires Booker to help find a young girl named Sally who has a connection to Booker. Together the duo have to explore the depths of Rapture finding clues about Sally’s whereabouts.

What Do I Think?

We have never seen Rapture before the riots. We had to piece together what life was like before Rapture’s destruction through the audio diaries. It was a refreshing site. I got sick of seeing Rapture after Bioshock 2’s DLC Minerva’s Den because we’ve seen this side of Rapture too much already. Rapture in a time of relative piece was interesting and something that I haven’t really thought about. From what we see it’s an over exaggeration of high society and you can how tensions could rise throughout the city.

bioshock-burial-at-seaThe ending of Bioshock Infinite had Booker DeWitt drown at he baptism preventing the birth of Comstock eliminating all instances of Columbia from existence presumably Booker and Elizabeth as well. Burial at Sea show a Booker and a Elizabeth but somehow in Rapture. The end of the DLC explains the setting but it leaves more questions than answers.

The main reason I feel the Infinite’s ending is confusing isn’t because of quantum mechanics or the idea of a multiverse. The reason is motivation. I have come up my own theory (probably wrong) as to how Booker could still exist in the world. What doesn’t make sense is why Elizabeth is at Rapture. She’s the same Elizabeth we’ve known from Infinite with all her powers. It’s hard to say if she’s in Rapture because of DeWitt. If it was then why did she bother to go on this journey with DeWitt? There’s more to the story that we don’t know yet that has to be revealed when episode 2 is released.

Should you get it?

There are a could of subtle nods to DeWitt’s character and moments mentioned in Infinite in the DLC. This DLC was about Booker, where his constant is his self destruction despite his well meaning. This was one of the best DLC’s I’ve played and it’s definitely worth getting if you were a fan of Infinite. I just hope that Episode 2 faster than Episode 1 was.

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