Review The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1

Written by Twisted Ideas


2012’s game of the year is back for its second season. Telltale’s episodic The Walking Dead The Game (not to be confused with The Walking Dead Survival Instincts) is continuing where season one left off. After the events in Cleveland, Clementine world has not been looking up since. She has to grow up a lot faster if she want to survive in a world infested by Walkers.

What do I think

Season One’s finale was bleak and so is the start of Season Two. Clementine has seen better days ever since the Walkers appeared but those days are long gone. She was to be able to fend for herself because she won’t always have somebody to protect her anymore.

The start of this season has similar problems with the last season. The majority of the first episode is taken up by establishing the new status quo. You are introduced to a new group of survivors and their baggage. This is necessary but it feels like first day of school where you aren’t doing anything special except getting to learn everybody’s names.

Other than the new group of survivors you meet, Clementine shows a great deal of growth. She has become an intelligent and brave young girl. She has the willpower to survive the horrors of the new world even when she’s on her own. Her strength is by far the best part of the episode.


Most choices from season 1 aren’t reflected in season 2 as of yet. There were only a few choices in the first season that had any influence on this episode but they were minor and almost unnoticeable. The decisions in this episode don’t have the weight that they did in the later episode of Season One. However, it’s unfair to compare the two at the moment. We don’t know these characters yet. We haven’t built up emotional attachments to them. Anything choice that you make is probably based off of snap decisions rather than pure caring or hatred. The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC has yet to come into play.

The game still suffers from frame stuttering. The Wolf Among Us didn’t have that problem so I simply assumed that this was fixed. It’s not terrible but it stands out just as much as it did in Season One. I only hope that there won’t be any save game issues that people experienced in season 1.

Should you get it?

Personally, I have a lot of trust built up with Telltale. While not all of their series have been great Telltale puts a lot of love and work into the writing. If you haven’t finished The Walking Dead Season One I would suggest you do so before playing Season Two. You are not required to know what happened to enjoy Season Two you will be missing out on a fantastic experience.

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