Review The Last of Us: Left Behind

Written by Twisted Ideas


The first piece of The Last of Us Story DLC has arrived. The Last of Us: Left Behind reveals revolves around Ellie at two unseen points of significance, her time with her best friend Riley and the time after the end of Fall. We had heard in little detail the events that happened between Ellie and Riley during the game but only briefly. Will this be a story worth seeing?

What do I think?

The thing that I was most concerned by when this DLC was first announced was the pacing. Fortunately, Naughty Dog has answered my concerns by splitting the DLC into two stories. Ellie’s past deals most with character development and the end Fall contains the stealth action gameplay that we’re more used to. Left Behind switches between the two scenarios pacing the action and the story well.

Ellie’s past with Riley is the best part of the DLC. It showcases the exceptional writing and voice acting that made The Last of Us stand out so much. The problem is how short Ellie’s past is. The characterization is great but this is only one part of their story. The past takes place in a single location and there’s only so much they could have done before it would have started dragging on.

We do see a glimpse the more peaceful side of the apocalypse. Ellie is a much softer character than when we first saw her in the events of the Last of Us. Ellie and Riley shows the side of youth that isn’t hindered by the thought of survival. Their childlike innocence helps reenforce the impact of the final moments of Left Behind

The end of Fall only serves to pad out the DLC with action and the more familiar mechanics of the game. There’s also a tragic story with some of the victims of the apocalypse but it isn’t nearly as powerful as Ellie’s past.

I know that Left Behind was meant to focus on Ellie but I hoped that we could see a bit into Joel’s past. There’s a lot you can do with him and Tess or his brother that would have been nice to see. Unfortunately we won’t be getting anymore story DLC for the game which is a missed opportunity.

Should you get it?

Left Behind is a very well done DLC, it’s just short. Normally I don’t accept the price vs. length argument but it’s a fairly valid one. Left Behind will probably take you less than two hours to complete and for $15 it’s a steep purchase. The price probably comes from the quality of content. The areas are large and look great and the voice and mo-cap work is very well done. I’m okay with that but I can tell that a lot of people won’t be. If you want to experience more from the world of the Last of Us then you will want to this out.

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