News Xbox One unbundles Kinect

Written by Twisted Ideas


This week in Xbox One news, Microsoft has come up with two brilliant ideas. Firstly, The Xbox One will start selling without the Kinect for a reduced price of $399. Secondly, streaming services like Netflix will no longer require Xbox Live Gold. It’s nice to see that Microsoft is making their console more appealing while seemingly doing less.

This seems like a no brainer to me. The Kinect is not a well like product. Regardless of what improvement in the technology or how well integrated it is with the console, people do not want the Kinect forced upon them. Most people I know who has a Kinect for the 360 (a grand total of 2) almost exclusively play Dance Central (Exclusive to Xbox 360. Buy today!) and a few games similar. To sweeten the pig Microsoft is not rebating early adopters of the Xbox One. This is understandable. Why would you retroactively reward because you added new items to your product line.

Streaming services no longer needing Xbox Live Gold also seems like a no brainer. A majority of people who own an Xbox One or 360 have Gold accounts. However, there are people who exist who just want to play games offline, alone or with others locally when possible while watching TV and movies too. They are however, refunding remaining time on Xbox Gold accounts.

This is revealing about Mircosoft. They do not understand their consumers. They make you buy things that you don’t want expecting you to be sold on it once you have it. This didn’t work for Window 8 and it still isn’t working for the Kinect. They don’t know how to serve their consumers. This is the company who released the Xbox 360 Core and it didn’t come with a memory card or internal memory.  Even the Wii had some space in that little white brick. Instead of giving you real choices you get a options that persuade you to go with the competition.

Things are looking up the Xbox One. If only you could say the same thing about the game release schedule…



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