Article Bargain Bin Reviews

Written by Twisted Ideas

I’ve been planning to be more active on my blog but with my busy schedule I don’t always get to play games as they come out. Many “new” games I play tend to be several months old by then. Writing about Triple A games a few months after the release probably isn’t the best use of my time.

I want to start writing weekly reviews for older games that probably wouldn’t require an in-depth review at this point. These will be shorter review of games that I’ve played in the past that deserve more attention. They will mostly be games that you can easily find for affordable prices in stores or online. Hopefully I can keep to a schedule even if I have a full review planned. It will be good writing practice for me and hopefully you will find something that you love that you haven’t tried before.


2 comments on “Article Bargain Bin Reviews

  1. Definitely understand the game/life dilemma. A good place to find bargin games is Walmart. They usually have a bin of games for under $20. I’ve picked up a few AAA titles from the Walmart bin. Look forward to reading your reviews.

    • Funny thing is that I’m playing a lot more games at the moment. After getting a Wii U and a PS Vita this year plus all the games and the free games on Playstation Plus, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed game wise. The Vita’s been good to me because I’ve been playing a lot of old games that I love and helps me unwind. Plus it distracts me from looking at all the games I have to finish on my shelf.

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