Article Robin Williams – The Legend of Zelda Petition

Written by Twisted Ideas


The death of Robin Williams has shocked many people including myself. He was a well-known fan of video games to the point where he named his daughter Zelda. Gamers have started a petition in honor of Mr. Williams to have try to influence Nintendo to include him in the next Legend of Zelda game as a character.

These old Nintendo commercials with Robin and Zelda warms my heart. I respect gamers who love Robin Williams to the point of trying to influence Nintendo to immortalize him in a Legend of Zelda game. There are plenty of ways that I could think of to include him as a tribute or even a character. What I have a problem with is that this should be a discussion between Nintendo and the members of the deceased. Ultimately, this decision should be theirs. Even if the petition reaches the its signature goal we should respect the wishes of the family even if our hearts are in the right place.

I am signing this petition not for the possibility of Robin Williams to be included in the next Zelda game but rather to show my love and respect for the actor/comedian who has brought joy to me and millions of others.

R.I.P. Robin Williams.

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