Bargain Bin Review Remember Me

Written by Twisted Ideas


Remember Me was a new IP from Capcom in 2013. It’s a cyberpunk game with that has an interesting spin on the action brawler genre. Probably overlooked for it being a new singleplayer IP and a relatively short one at, many gamers have missed out on a memorable experience.


Developer: Dontnod Entertainment

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC


Remember Me takes place in 2084 in Neo-Paris. A majority if not all citizens have connect their minds to Memorize, a corporation that allows people to share memories with others and deleting bad memories. Consequently, Memorize has caused people’s minds to become unbalanced turning them mad and uncontrollable. Memorize has also turned Neo-Paris into a surveillance state. The Erroists are a group of memory hunters gather to take Memorize down. Nilin, their best agent is captured and has most of her memories erased.


Remember Me has similar gameplay to the Batman Arkham series and adds a new twist. You can augment each hit of the game’s existing combos to have various effects. Using Pressens you can have combos do more damage, heal you and reduce cooldown. There are moments in the game where you have to alter people’s memories. While this doesn’t happen often it’s well done. There is correct solution to these section but the accounts for scenarios where the memories go terribly wrong.

Neo-Paris is a well realized place and Remember Me makes use of platforming to show off the environments. The Cyberpunk setting has sleek and clean look but you also see the slums and the waste and destruction of the lower class. The augmented reality of Memorize adds subtle detail to the game, most notably the digital screaming faces of enemies when performing a takedown. There are also creative boss fights taking place in the mind.

Remember Me isn’t as polished as other action games. The customizable combos is a great mechanic but your often going in and out of menus. The combat is clunky and requires good rhythm to complete combos and dodge properly. Some enemies have to be fought in certain ways, most notably machines aren’t damaged my melee until stunned; Instead of showing you through the animation the game just disables the buttons when you’re close. Also, trance music plays during combos but cuts out even if you’re performing the combo correctly.

Why should you get it?

As much as Capcom bothers me they deserve credit for publishing Remember Me. It’s a new IP with an ethnic female protagonist who is attractive but has clear imperfections. This the diversity that gamers have been asking for but it still was ignored by many. Despite the gameplay lacking Remember Me had well realized designs and ideas better than some ongoing series of games. Unfortunately the ending doesn’t lend itself to a sequel and prequel seems like misguided idea. They could have done more with the game but for what we got it was memorable.


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