Preview Dying Light – First Impressions

Written by Twisted Ideas


The Warner Bros booth showed off a new zombie horror game Dying Light. Developed by Techland the developers of Dead Island created a new game similar yet separate to the series. Dying Light introduces new mechanics to the zombie survival genre.

This was a timed demo that let you play during the day against the zombies. You didn’t have a specific goal other than trying out the controls and mechanics of the game. There is an emphasis on melee combat as you have several melee weapons. There have been modifications to the your weapons like a spiked bat, electric axe and a flaming knife. You also have a handgun, throwing knives and firecrackers to draw zombies attention. You have some kick and throw zombies if they grab you. You can loot zombies but it takes a few seconds where zombies can attack you.

Zombies take dynamic damage depending where they’re struck. Striking zombies in the legs will cause them to stumble realistically. There are standard zombies but ones in hazmat suits who have a tank that explodes if hit and a zombie that spits bile at. There were no penalties for dying so it was just you fighting an endless hoard of zombies. The first person perspective made it very easy to get blindsided. You can take a lot of damage from zombies so it isn’t like Zombie U where you can be killed instantly.

It’s hard to get a feeling for what Dying Light is going to be like. There wasn’t a playable mission which isn’t the best representation of the game. The game is supposed to have new mechanics that improve and change how it plays from Dead Island but I haven’t played Dead Island myself so I can’t speak for that. The game has great animations and good graphics and the gameplay

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