Preview Evolve – First Impressions

Written by Twisted Ideas


Have you ever wanted to play a boss character? When you have, were you disappointed that they wouldn’t be as strong as they are when you play them. Evolve is a game lets a player be a real boss with the power to strike fear into the other players.

Evolve is a first person game. Four players are the humans hunters and one is the monster. There are four roles for the hunter team: Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support. During the demo there were two characters for each class with different weapons but unique class traits that are the same. Assault has heavy weapons, grenades, and temporary personal shield. The trapper can set sound spikes to alert the hunters to the monster, restrict its movements will weapons and an arena trap that keeps him nearby for a fight. Medic has several abilities that provides heaving and revival for the team and can create weak points in the monster. Support gives combat benefits to teammates and have create additional firing points for the hunters. I believe that the hunters do respawn but I think it’s a two-minute spawn time to give the monster a fair chance.

The monster plays much differently than the hunters. The monster starts off weak with limited strength and abilities. He has a lot of health and can take a lot of damage and he has a shield that regenerates if a fight were to break up. The monster has to kill wildlife to gain experience and to evolve. The monster has to do this while trying to evade the hunters to stand a fighting chance. The monster’s footsteps can be tracked and he scares off birds that alert the hunters to his location.


Who has the advantage?

For the hunters this is a team game and requires a fair amount of coordination between teammates. The 2K booth had two sets of five computers with headsets so the hunters could communicate and the monster could get tips from the 2K rep. Our team was coordinated and were trying to figure out the controls and the best approach to fight the monster. We were doing well at first. The trapper locked him in a quickly and we survived the first tussle. The second time around didn’t turn out as well. The medic was targeted specifically. We tried to revive him but that not being the smart thing to do, we went down one by one.

Evolve has a fresh concept for multiplayer. Having the main enemy level up as the game progresses is a brilliant idea and as we played we could see a lot of different approaches you can take in a match.. There will be several monsters with different capabilities that changes up how both teams play. Also the different characters for each class gives variety within the class as to suit the player’s style. This will be a great game with a group of friend because trying to coordinate with strangers doesn’t always work out. This a new type of multiplayer experience. It takes ideas from some multiplayer modes and crafts them into a game whose concept works will with its design. I can’t wait to play the full game to find out more.


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