Bargain Bin Review Elite Beat Agents

Written by Twisted Ideas


Do you remember rhythm games before Rock Band and Guitar Hero popularized and killed the genre for many gamers. It was a time where this genre embraced whatever the strange and weird ideas that came into the developers heads. These were unique gameplay experiences without the additional investment of plastic instruments, dance pads or motion tracking cameras. Elite Beat Agents came early in the Nintendo DS’s life cycle and when Guitar Hero was just making is way into gamers minds. It also used covers for popular music but it’s the gameplay and presentation that makes it stand out in gamers minds.


Elite Beat Agents

Developer: iNis

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo DS


Elite Beat Agents takes place in a world where people’s woes can be solved with the power of song and three grown men and women dance. When someone cries for help the Agents answer the call. With their questionable song choices and choreography, the Agents motivate people to through their dilemmas, laws and physics be damned.


Elite Beat Agents is a tap based rhythm game not too dissimilar to ones you’re finding on the smartphones and tablets nowadays. In the beat of the song, you have to tap numbered circles or tap and hold the note for the length of the phrase. The more accurate you are the more points you receive and the better the people situations get.


You have a energy meter that slowly decreases but increases with successful beats. Songs are broken up into several sections. At the end of a section get a short break seeing how the people are managing. If you energy meter is in the red they do poorly but in the yellow they will do alright. Each song has three endings: A bad ending if you fail the song. A mediocre ending if you fail at least one section. And a good ending if all sections are successful. There are four difficulties; The final two are quite tough but rewarding for new players willing to challenge themselves.

Elite Beat Agents uses accurate covers of popular songs of their time from different genres. If you look at the list you may cringe at it because they might be songs you used to love when you were younger but don’t want to admit you still like. While the themes of the songs don’t always match up with the situations of the levels, you can’t help but at least smile a little when playing. There’s one stand out stage that has such a sad and hopeful tone and is heartbreaking if you fail.

Why should you get it?

Elite Beat Agents is a charming game that is incredibly addicting. If you are at all interested in rhythm games and not willing to find old plastic instruments or buy a certain new 3DS rhythm game then Elite Beat Agents will be right up your alley. It fairly popular among fans but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. So will you answer the call?

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