Bargain Bin Review WarioWare D.I.Y.

Written by Twisted Ideas


Coming off of Wario as a 2D platformer again, remember when Wario was a collection of minigames? This week let’s look at WarioWare DIY.

Warioware-DIY_NDS_US_ESRBWarioWare D.I.Y.

Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD

Publishers: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo DS

What is it?

For those unaware of the WarioWare series, it is a game where you play a series of 3-5 second minigames (called microgames) which have very simple goals but can easily be failed. As you playthrough a set of microgame, they will become faster and you have to try to complete as many microgames as possible.


WarioWare DIY (do it yourself) is your typical WarioWare game but it includes tools to design your own microgames. With these tools you can recreate every microgame in the game and any microgame that comes into your mind.

You have access to all of the game’s pre-made resources but you can also draw your own art and write your own tunes. You can make short microgames which lends itself to a single action/goal or boss microgames which are longer and has more tools and allows for more complex mechanics.

What’s cool about DIY is that you’re learning programing logic without learning how to code. You have all the objects, actions and triggers necessary to make simple flash games at your hands and it’s easy. The tutorials are great for easing you into the process. They give you near complete microgames and you have to trouble shoot a solution to make the game complete.


Think of this as practice for your very own ice cream holding game.

This is a very user-friendly system. Actions and instructions are clearly communicated, you just have to work out the logic yourself. It’s tough to make anything complex with the system’s limitations. Thankfully, you’re working with short minigames. LittleBigPlanet, a game that offers similar tools but as a level editor, is much more complex and harder to learn to build something as simple as staircase properly.

Microgames, even the boss microgames, realistically only allow for one or two simple actions to occur. It’s important for people interested int game development to be aware of a systems limitations so that you don’t have to scrap your work as often. It can also motivate a creative person utilize the system to its full potential and make something great.

Why should you get it?

WarioWare DIY is a fun game on its own but is also a great entry into basic programing logic. You don’t have to learn any programing but you will the very basics of how computers operate. If you already have some programing experience or have made flash games before then you will feel right at home. Unfortunately the Nintendo DS online network was shutdown this year so you won’t be able to download any user-created microgames.

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