Bargain Bin Review Resistance 3

Written by Twisted Ideas003

Resistance: Fall of Man was a flagship title for the PS3 during its launch. It was a new IP meant to show off the power of the console. The game use old PC FPS mechanics channeled Ratchet and Clanks unique weapons and interrelated them into the game. Resistance 2 was a misstep, adopting modern FPS conventions and didn’t do much to stand out anymore. Resistance 3 went back to its roots and built up making it the strongest of the trilogy. Even though it the end Resistance 3 is the best one and catches you up with the main events of the series and does more than both of them did.

Resistance_3_box_artworkResistance 3

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: Playstation 3

What is it?

Resistance 3 is a first person shoot that embraces how shooters used to be, without regenerating health and more than 2 or 3 weapons. The weapon wheel has been expanded from 8 weapons to 12 and level up during use similar to Ratchet and Clank. The weapons are of alien design or human design with alteration with alien tech. They’re over the top and extremely powerful when used appropriately with the Mutator being a standout.

The plot is the strongest of the series. Instead of starting right where Resistance 2 ended we jump four-year ahead. The war against the Chimera has left humanity in hiding, making the most out of life rather than continuing a hopeless battle. Joe Capelli details the time in between when he killed Nathan Hale and how. He was discharged from the military but found love and even had a son. Doctor Fyodor Malikov, who has been researching the Chimera theorizes that they can be stopped if they can destroy the terraformer is creating a wormhole to freeze the Earth. Joe reluctantly leaves his family to join Malikov to New York City on their last chance to save the world.

What makes Resistance 3’s campaign great is that it isn’t 100% about the mission. It is for Joe but the supporting cast really diversifies the tone of the game. This doesn’t feel like it’s just you trying to reach New York, there are people who help and need help and people who take extreme measures to make survive. Joe himself has more depth than most main characters in shooters. He’s not just a soldier, he’s a husband and a father and this contributes to our attachment to Joe and his mission. It’s scary and even ridiculous the things he goes through and the final scenes are genuinely concerning.

The only real problems with Resistance 3 is that it’s quite difficult and doesn’t have the same polish you would expect from first party Sony games. The frame rate has noticeable drops and isn’t smooth to begin with. Animations are sloppy and there are visual glitches too. Also Joe doesn’t speak during gameplay, relying on cutscenes and supporting characters to fill in the white noise and gunfire. The moments where he’s alone feel empty.


These two died to a grenade… Just putting that up there.

Why should you get it?

Resistance 3 is a fantastic ending to a somewhat temped series. It does enough to make it work as a stand alone title but doesn’t leave players in the dark when talking about the series’ history. We also don’t get many over the top shooters too often (I hear Sunset Overdrive is great). If you’re looking for an strong FPS that delivers and story and unique shooting mechanics, Resistance 3 is for you.

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