News Street Fighter V – Exclusive to PC and PS4

Written by CoolBoyCorporate

Street Fighter V has been announced through a premature released trailer. This video is being removed on all media outlets as we speak.


These images taken from the trailer show the improvement of Street Fighter into the next generation. So what does all this mean?

Capcom hasn’t been in the most successful path or positive reputation in recent years. From hackers exposing post launch DLC’s locked in game on pre-launched titles, everything surrounding Megaman as well as poor title releases in other genres such as Resident Evil.

Many wondered if and when a fighting game would be announced from Capcom as Mortal Kombat 10 and King of Fighters for the next gen are on their way as well as the release of Killer Instinct and Super Smash Brothers Wii U. There is no surprise that Street Fighter V is the upcoming fighting game release. The company isn’t exactly in the best position to take on risk beyond the boundaries of guaranteed success.

Beyond some concerns, I’m extremely excited for this title. Fighting games are one of my favorite genres and nothing makes me happier when a company of this magnitude provides the right justice to its title. I will update news and information surrounding this title when the game is officially announced with the trailer.

Before any news and updates become released, I want to write these next points as a fan committed to the series in hope that Capcom assist’s all of us to forget past mistakes.

  1.  Do not build the game with planned DLC(Proven failure and resistance from the market). Let the game and title flow naturally, don’t force anything similar to Marvel vs. Capcom.
  2.  Continue to recognize the importance and current status related to the nature of the market. Game developers and customers are speaking to each other as if their in the same room via twitter, youtube, facebook etc….
  3. Market the game properly and accordingly as time progresses. Nintendo has proven what going beyond trailers can do for a game
  4.  A great story can go a long way. Take Street Fighter V in a path where it’s never been before. Lose the lazy and cheap reputation by providing the market with a reminder why Capcom dominates the fighting game genre. Provide more effort for a story/game experience.


With the title’s successful history and these premature leaks, the game looks well on its way to becoming a next generation success.

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