Review Luftrausers

Written by Twisted Ideas


Sony’s push for indie development on their consoles has brought a lot of  games that you would only see on the PC to console player’s attention.


Developer: Vlambeer

Publishers: Devolver Digital

Platforms: Linux, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Windows

What is it?

Luftrausers is an indie flash game set in a seemingly unnamed World War II viewed in the time of the period. This is a shoot-em-up where you fight against planes, boats, submarines, battleships and more as long as you can survive.


You sunk my battleship!

Luftrauser works differently than your typical SHMUPS. There are no levels and the game plays like the Defender series. The screen will loop endlessly and as you shoot down enemies the more difficult the game becomes. Your plane needs to keep boosting or it will fall into the water taking damage. Go to high the and you’ll take damage too. You plane can take damage and but the only way to repair it is to stop shooting, risking you combo ending.

In between game as you complete missions and earn high scores, your research team will develop new plane parts. Over time you will have new guns, body and booster parts. These parts significantly change the way your play handles. Each part takes has their own set of missions that you can complete as you play games.

How does it look?

The game uses pixel art and rather high quality art too. While the environments never change there are a fair amount of enemy types and plane combinations that look quite good.

The game uses an old filter that displays three colors invoking the feeling of WWII era film and photo technology. You can unlock different filters most of them look intentionally atrocious and decent ones can still be distracting when trying to spot enemy fire.

How does it sound?

The game has 8-bit sound effects and wartime sounding music. It’s a small soundtrack but it suit the style and just works

What do I think?

Laufrausers is a frustrating game that gets harder the longer you play. Despite that it’s very addictive due to the missions and the quick iteration times between games. It’s similar to Jetpack Joyride and in that way. The game challenges you to do better and it’s frustrating when you fail to succeed especially when it was within your grasp.

Should you get it?

Laufrausers is a fun little indie game; Good for short bursts but likely to keep your attention for extended periods of time. Overall the game probably won’t keep you hooked for too long but sometimes small games like this is a nice break from you regular gaming habits.


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