News CLUB NINTENDO Shutting Down (for now……)


Written by CoolBoyCorporate

June 30th, 2015 will be the LAST day to redeem your lovely collected coins or access your account.

When I first heard this announcement I couldn’t help but shake my head. As a user who was persistent on collecting coins, I was not surprised by this. The Club Nintendo Rewards program seemed to have been missing something. It rarely updated it’s stock, many products you could redeem were very specific (pencil cases, stickers etc..)

The biggest question you might ask yourself is “What if I’ve been saving up for years!?!…”

Luckily there is an answer for that, it seems Nintendo is going to release multiple digital downloads and free content to those who have committed to the Club Nintendo Program. Right now Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Metroid and The legend of Zelda are available for download until June 30th, 2015 You will still be required to spend your digital coins but these next few months are going to be extremely important.

However, moving away from the negative news, it seems a new program will be replacing the club nintendo program in the near future. No information has been released surrounding this, however it looks to be a positive thing. Club Nintendo users should actually be optimistic about this since it seemed we had to many reasons to collect our coins versus spend them on things we actually wanted.

For official documentation, take a look here


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