Trailers Trailers From Last Week – 3/1/2015 – War on Yetis

Written by Twisted Ideas

We’re soon approaching the end of the Arkham series with all of Batman’s rogue gallery arming themselves to finally bring down the bat. Batman has been in these situations before but with the Arkham Knight looming over the city will Batman win the night?

Following up Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon DLC Far Cry 4 is following that up with Valley of the Yeti’s. This DLC looks more serious but with the ever looming threat of being attacked by gargantuan yetis while in the mountain wilderness.

The Evil Within: The Assignment is the story DLC for The Evil Within that will give more context to Julie Kidman and the organization she was working though. The game seems to take place during the events of the game as well as showing flashes from the past. I still have my doubts that this will enhance the story of the main game but I hope that I will be wrong too.

After the fall of Shao Khan all of the realms have been left in disarray. Earthrealm was in shambles with most of their champions’ deaths but maintaining communications with the other realms to so they’re prepared for another invasion. Mileena tried to rule over the Neatherealm but was eventually overthrown and seeking revenge. All sides will be fighting over a talisman with enough power to instill the fear within the strongest of champions. Mortal Kombat X looks to have an even bigger story mode that the last.

The newest character for Street Fighter V was announced. Charlie Nash is Guile’s friend who was featured in the Alpha series and several of the VS. games. His habit of dying and coming back to life has given him a new Frankenstein monster look with all his old moves plus the ability to teleport, making him into a scary looking fighter in more ways than one.

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