Trailers Trailers From Last Week 3-8-2015 – Super Lawsuit Bros

Written by Twisted Idea

Super Dungeon Bros looks like Castle Crashers with an isometric Gauntlet feel. It’s four player co-op and the a huge emphasis on co-op attacks and team work.

OlliOlli 2 just launched last week and is free for PlayStation Plus users. It’s an arcade like skateboarding game with huge jumps, grinds, manuals and combos. This game expanded on the original giving it more tools to work with more interesting levels and maintains the tight controls.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gameplay trailer markets itself as a classic horror movie. It’s hard to discern the tone of the game against the trailer but if the tone is at least half as campy as it then this standalone expansion will be a lot more interesting than The New Order.

Ride is a motorcycle racing game simulator. We’ve seen some great racing simulators last generation but very little had anything to do with bikes. Bike culture isn’t as big as car but it’s nice to see a game taking it seriously.

Never Alone is a Wii U game that looks to be an emotional experience. It evokes the feelings Okami and Valiant Hearts with a young Eskimo girl and her white fox. This 2D platformer is something that will have eyes turning towards the Wii U.

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