Trailers Trailers From Last Week 3/15/2015 – Halloween comes early

Written by Twisted Ideas

Jason Voorhees has become the latest horror movie icon to become a playable character for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X. Freddy Krueger has a quick character with a lot of tools in Mortal Kombat 9. I wonder if Jason will have the same level of threat.

DiscStorm is a simple looking party game where you have to play the most intense version of frisbee dodgeball. When hearing about this game, I was expecting DiscStorm to be more like Beyblade but this looks fine too. There are a ton of modes and the developers are taking this concept as far as they can.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD is right around the corner and this trailer from IGN shows us what we can expect. I haven’t looked too much into Type 0 but it looks like it doing things that Final Fantasy fans have been hoping for for generations. It also looks more of an action game than an unique RPG battle system but maybe that’s a good thing. FF XIII has shown us that this need to reinvent the wheel has bitten Square-Enix back.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars doesn’t tell us anything that we didn’t know from January’s Nintendo Direct but it’s nice to see that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about this. The regular gameplay isn’t too different Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: March of the Minis but we do see more of examples of the level creator and how the sharing system looks and works.

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