Trailers Trailers From Last Week 3/22/2015 – Life, still Strange

Written by Twisted Ideas

Life is Strange Episode 2 is almost here and we will be treated to the strange adventures of Max with her colorful and cheesy commentary. This trailer is way more than we got in the short preview at the end of Episode 1 and it looks awesome. This game looks great, has good production values and managed to be very compelling with out showing us to much of the bigger picture. I have high hopes for this series.

Released on the same day is Bloodborne by From Software, the developers of the Souls series. The tight combat and the punishing gameplay is going to be sped up and made to feel more like an action game. Let’s just see how hard this game will actually be.

Mario Party is back and probably more or less what you would expect from Mario Party. The most interesting mode is definitely Bowser Party and if you can get a group of friends together and play this game will probably be a blast.

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