Trailers Trailers From Last Week 3/28/2015 – Even the odds

Written by Twisted Ideas

New Batman Arkham Knight gameplay footage was recently released and this game really does teaches the old dog new tricks. The freeflow combat has been expanded to take advantage of Batman’s new suit functions, enemy’s weapons and more ways to defend yourself. The gliding looks like it has a better sense of control than before and the Batmobile does a great job of getting you in and out of it quickly. This game is really putting out all of the stops. Let’s see where how far Arkham Knight will take the Dark Knight..

Mortal Kombat X has revealed the Kombat pack which features the previously announced Jason and three other Kombatants as DLC. Tanya from MK4 and Tremor from Special Forces make a return and the previously rumored appearance of the Predator.

If one Mortal Kombat X trailer isn’t enough the Shaolin trailer shows off Neatherealm’s newest Kombatants. After Liu Kang’s and Kung Lao’s unfortunate deaths the are back with a vengeance. Under the influence of Quan Chi the Shaolin clan is definitely not happy with Raiden.

If you though the who Slender craze was over then you were surely mistaken. Slender is making his way to next gen consoles to scare or probably just frustrate you.

Dot Arcade is a simple arcade like game using LED light dots on a 8×8 board. There are three games available based on classic arcade games with simple yet impressive presentation. I’m curious to see if Dot Arcade will become have a line of games down the road; If they can pull it off they can become a studio along the lines of Bit.Trip and PixelJunk.

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