Trailers Trailers From Last Week 4/12/2015 –

Written by Twisted Ideas

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is an upcoming documentary on based around indie video game developers. Unlike “Indie Game The Movie” Rise of the Indies is less of an underdog story but rather passion and the success of the most interesting aspect of the video game industry in the past several years.

Normally, I’m not a fan of LEGO games but the premise of LEGO Dimensions does have my attention. LEGO Dimensions is basically piggybacking off of the LEGO Movie but not being a sequel or about the LEGO Movie. This looks like it’s going to be the Kingdom Hearts of LEGO and I can get behind that 100%. I wonder if we will see LEGO DC and LEGO Marvel teams together in one game. I doubt it but here’s hoping.

This isn’t a HD remake but an actual Sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deus EX: Mankind Divided looks to be a civil war against augmented humans and looks to have more action than before.

Squirrel-ception? Anyways, Conkers, the crude, foul mouthed squirrel from the popular N64 game that didn’t age well at all is back. Will this be his triumphant return? Will Banjo and Kazooie get one too?

This trailer didn’t come out last week but I didn’t have a post last week and I really wanted to post this up. Coming out of April’s Nintendo Direct, Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover looks absolutely insane and I want it now.


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