Trailers Trailers From Last Week 4/26/2015 – and the week before.

Written by Twisted Ideas

Almost everything you need to know about Xenoblade Chronicles X is all contained in this video, probably. This game looks incredible and has such a massive scope that I can hardly believe it. This game is definitely on top of my most anticipated games of the year list.

Submerged doesn’t show much but it appears to be a post-apocalyptic setting with an emotional edge. Games like this (Journey, Rain, Never Alone, etc) tend to be shorter experiences and have simple gameplay to stay with you much longer than the standard Triple A game. This is something to look out for.

Mad Max shows us what you need to know to survive. The Mad Max setting has always been fascinating and it’s easy to see its influence in games like Fallout, Borderlands and even Fist of the North Star. The gameplay is interesting but can also be too easy or too tedious. Mad Max looks like it can go either way.

Destiny House of Wolves is the second expansion for the game and I honestly know very little about the game but people seem to enjoy it. The trailer doesn’t really show you anything beyond the setting but expansion these MMORPG type games tend to be pretty content heavy.

It’s GODZILLA! and he’s here to destroy all monsters. Godzilla games have never been great but they are always entertaining. Let’s see if this monster bash has gotten any better over the years.

Fans of Star Wars Battlefront will defiantly be excited that the series will be making a return. I on the other hand need a little more convincing. I never got into the Battlefront games and I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan either. Seeing this CG trailer advertise DLC before I’ve even seen any gameplay bothers me. For all I know it could be good, even great. I

The final piece of DLC for The Evil Within focusing on Jodi Kidman’s story before and during the events of the main game. I haven’t played the the first piece of DLC but I really want to play these just to see if it enhances the very lack luster ending of the game.

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