Trailers Trailers From Last Week 5/3/2015

Written by Twisted Ideas

We’ve been seeing a lot of Batman Arkham Knight trailers but the “All Who Follow You” trailer so far has taken the cake. Batman has always had strong villains to fight against but we should never forget his greatest allies. Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Catwoman, Gordan and more are heavily featured in this trailer and rightfully so. Batman and his team work wonders in unison and this game looks to be even bigger than they originally shown us. I cannot wait.

Tinertia is a yet another 2D sidescroller game but this time with rockets. Using the power of the rocket jump you have to make huge jumps and avoid dozens of obstacles to survive. If the trailer would only show gameplay at a normal speed and angle for long enough I would have a better impression of the game but this is right up my alley. Keep an eye out for Tinertia.

I haven’t followed Call of Duty in years, or even come to thing about it but I thought Advanced Warfare was the crazy sci-fi one. Well, Call of Duty Black Ops III seems to be channeling Advance Warfare by going completely Metal Gear Solid on us with robots. You already know if you’re going to get this game or not.

Just Cause 3 shows us everything but the kitchen sink… and the grappling hook. The series that gave us The Fast and The Furious levels or craziness way before The Fast and The Furious looks absolutely crazy.

Only a brief trailer from Splatoon this week but it’s always nice to seem more from this game. If Nintendo were smart they would put out a beta for this game but if Nintendo were really smart they would learn how the internet works first.

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