Trailers Trailers From Last Week 5/10/2015 – Bikini zombie slayers

Written by Twisted Ideas

I remember hearing about Oneechanbara on the Wii and how it was a complete mess. The gratuitous violence and cheesecake sex appeal is a weird combination that isn’t really that uncommon coming from Japan. This does look a lot better than its last outing in the NA region. Hopefully this will be a great game so you can defend yourself when people scoff you for buying a pandering game like this.

Ever since the Disney Star Wars acquisition the Star Wars version of Disney Infinity was coming. I’m not a fan of this series because of the sheer asking price of the whole thing but they were always going to do this. You can have fun buying $15 figurines while I can have fun putting that money towards games I want to play.

This is definitely PixelJunk’s most ambitious title yet. Nom Nom Galaxy is about you starting a successful soup company that rivals the competing evil soup corporation. This looks like it will be Sim City in space and while I’m not a big fan of Sim games or PixelJunk generally, this looks like it be pretty damn addicting. I just can’t make heads or tails of most of this just from this trailer.

This is what you get when you stick your hand in a bowl full of fantasy story ideas. There’s a girl with a magic sword, a mystical tower which is the cause of the world’s problems and a black dragon that you need to slay. In all seriousness TOREN could be a very solid action adventure title, if it can nail down the gameplay and combat and have a strong narrative.

This isn’t a new trailer but this is a game that I did play at TCAF (Toronto Comics and Arts Festival) this past weekend. Severed has you play a warrior who recently discovers that her arm is missing and has to fight with one arm against mysterious creatures. The game is for the PS Vita and is a first person dungeon crawler. You use the touch screen to slash and defend against enemies who can and will surround you. You don’t know how long it will be before you can find health so you need learn how the fight against each enemy very quickly to get away as unscathed as you can. Vita fans will have something to look forward to this summer.

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