News LOUD on Planet X Kickstarter

Written by Twisted Ideas

At the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival 2015 (TCAF) I played various games in various stages in development. I have a soft spot for rhythm games and after seeing LOUD on Planet X is was interested. Developers Pop Sandbox are currently running Kickstarter campaign and aiming for release on PS4, Vita and iOS. They currently have 9 popular indie bands on board and it has a unique personality and gameplay that other rhythm games that could have the same songs don’t have.

LOUD on Planet X is a rhythm game but the gameplay hinges on the almost tower defense style rather than note tracks that ask for perfection. There are four lanes where aliens will try to crash into your band and by playing to the beat of the song you can use music to defeat them. Some aliens go down in one beat while some take several. Using observation you can attack accordingly while keeping on rhythm. You can also use abilities to delay aliens when things get too hectic.

67f833c67b84d8b96403ff39ff15d26b_originalUnlike most rhythm games you aren’t a slave to the note tracks. You have to play accurately to the beat of the song but you have the freedom to wait a few seconds to get back on rhythm and more importantly choose which lane to attack on; That sounds like a simple thing but it’s like tapping your fingers or feet to a song. You play based on how you feel or in this case on how you feel you should handle the aliens.

I haven’t seen a rhythm game that focuses on the actually beat of the song instead of the lyrics or instruments to follow along since Bust A Groove 1 and 2 on the PS1. Even though those games were very rigid on how it was played if you could play one song you could play them all.

There are just over 20 days remaining for this Kickstarter as of this posting. I hope this game is successful.

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