News Bloodborne 1.04 Patch Update Notes

Written by Twisted Ideas


From Software has just released their version 1.04 patch update and submitted their patch notes on Sony’s PlayStation blog. The changes make a lot of things work better and make things more convenient. These are changes that probably should have been implemented from the start but it’s good to see that they have been made. Most of these changes are self explanatory but I’ll give some insight on some most of the changes.


– When players use a password, they will be matched regardless of level difference.

– As long as the other player uses the same password, members of enemy covenants can also play co-op.

Bloodborne’s and the Souls series have always been a bit of a mess when it came to wanting to join a friend’s game. Your levels had to be relatively close (never specified with co-op). The password system was a great idea but it still had the level and covenant restrictions that complicated the process. This removes the unnecessary hurdles involved when wanting to play with friends.

– The Insight Shop will now appear when players have more than 1 Insight.

Previously the Insight Shop required 10 Insight before it could be used. Occasionally inconvenient for players earlier in the game or needing a lot of expensive consumables.

– Blood Stone Chunks can now be acquired by trading Insight.

*Players must advance the story to a certain point before Blood Stone Chunks become available.

I believe this cost 30 Insight. This would have been fine if these were Blood Stone Rocks but no… You’re better off farming Chunks.

– The maximum number of Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets which can be stored has been increased from 99 to 600.

It was a hassle keeping a healthy stock of Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets at times, especially when playing PvP. 600 seems a little arbitrary but the increased stock is welcome. Also I believe that this applies to other items such as upgrade and ritual materials as well, unless it was always at 600.

Game Balance:

– Enemy strength in several New Game + areas has been adjusted.

This probably means that enemies are stronger because New Game + is actually much easier than New Game.

– Enemy resistance to arcane and bolt attacks have been adjusted.

– Beasthood is now easier to increase. This allows players to have stronger attack for a longer period.

– The Beast Blood Pellet changed so that Beasthood will increase when used.

Beasthood is a powerful mechanic that greatly increase your damage but you would need to hit a lot of heavy attacks. You could spam a ton of light attacks previously and the bar wouldn’t increase. Now it does and you start off with a little Beasthood when you consume a Beast Blood Pellet.

– A bug that occurred while using Rifle Spear as a rifle has been fixed.

– In particular, its damage when Blood Gems have been affixed has been fixed.

– The use of Stamina when wielding the Kirkhammer has been reduced.

– The use of Stamina when wielding Logarius’ Wheel has been reduced.

These are both strong but hard to use weapons, mainly due to their speed (Logarius’ Wheel for other reasons). This is a minor buff but it can anything to make these weapons more viable.

– The duration of the effect when the Old Hunter’s Bone is being used has been extended. Fewer Quicksilver Bullets will be consumed.

Changes the usage from 5 to 4. This gives the item 5 uses without a rune.

– Increased stat scaling for the Tiny Tonitrus. The Strength of attack when the arcane stat is low has been increased.

– Increased stat scaling for Augur of Ebrietas. The Strength of attack when the arcane stat is low has been increased.

Since the difficulty of getting a “Mage” build started can be rough for new players, having these weapons start stronger at lower levels can alleviate some frustrations.

– Number of Quicksilver Bullets consumed by A Call Beyond has been reduced.

This changes the usage from 8 to 7. Very minor and only really serves to give you more firearm shots.

– Number of Quicksilver Bullets consumed by the Choir Bell has been reduced.

Change the usage from 8 to 7. Choir Bell is a PvP team healing item that sees little usage to make the change irrelevant to most players. Players can manage their own healing and is more useful for co-op.

Chalice Dungeons:

– Players can now acquire a Short Ritual Root Chalice by trading Insight. The Chalice will become available after completing the Pthumeru Chalice dungeon. Players can now use the Short Ritual Root Chalice’s quick matching feature in the early part of the game.

– Random drops added to the reward given by bosses in Chalice Dungeon Materials to upgrade weapons, including Blood Gemstone, will be dropped randomly. Materials that can be obtained will change depending on the depth of the dungeon.

Depth 1: Blood Stone Shards

Depth 2: Twin Blood Stone Shards

Depth 3: Twin Blood Stone Shards, Blood Stone Chunks

Depth 4: Blood Stone Chunks

Depth 5: Blood Stone Chunks, Blood Rocks

– The Rank of Blood Gemstones appearing in Depth 1-3 Chalice Dungeons has been boosted.

– More Blood Echoes will be obtained when enemies in Chalice Dungeons are hunted.

Generally this means farming is easier and you can start faster if you want to tackle the chalice dungeons at lower levels.

– The guest player’s HP will drop to 50% instead of 65% in a Cursed Chalice Dungeon.

I honestly thought the HP drop was 50% to begin with but wow, 65% was harsh. I really want to know why they chose these numbers.

– When using a Short Ritual Root Chalice for co-op play, the guest player will always start from the Lamp room of each floor.

Spawns partners in a danger free zone.

– Special weapons that have been obtained in a Chalice Dungeon, such as Uncanny or Lost will become available for purchase from the Bath Messengers.

– Upon obtaining a special weapon such as an Uncanny or Lost weapon in a Chalice Dungeon, it will become available for purchase at the Bath Messengers.

Other Adjustments and Changes:

– Brightness of the screen when Blood Echoes are acquired has been adjusted.

This refers to recovering Blood Echoes after a death. This did make the screen darker and was distracting because the game didn’t pause during these few seconds.

– A bug that disconnected players from online mode during standby mode has been fixed.

– During Multiplayer, there was an issue of enemies not displaying properly when they move quickly, on the guest’s screen. This bug has been fixed.

This sounds like connectivity issues.

– Other adjustments and bug fixes.

Sources: PlayStation Blog, Game Politics

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