Trailers Trailers From Last Week 5/31/2015 – Time to go to war

Written by Twisted Ideas

What else is there to say about Arkham Knight at this point. I just want it to come out but this new gameplay trailer is showing off more of the Batmobile. This is probably the most versatile Batmobile that I’ve seen. When engaged in the massive tank shoot out it can track the trajectory of enemy fire and drive in all directions like a helicopter. Best of all, it can do donuts.

Wander is this huge fantasy world with sky-high mountain village, forests of living trees and the expansive abyss of the ocean. This story trailer speaks of a magical stone that allows people to change into animals. We don’t get to see any of that but regardless, this looks like an incredible world where anything can happen.

The first big story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition is out now. The Jaws of Hakkon features a new group, The Jaws of Hakkon who is terrorizing the lands as Hakkon as their god.

We finally get a release date for Until Dawn for the end of August. I’ve seen the gameplay trailer for this game and while it reminds me of Heavy Rain, the slasher movie vibe is something that is making this game look so appealing. Triple A horror games mostly haven’t been hitting their marks in the last generation of consoles. Here’s hoping that Until Dawn can be a good start in this generation.

Sony has just released their free PlayStation Plus games for the month of June:

PS4 – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Skulls of The Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition

PS Vita – Futuridium and Super Exploding Zoo

PS3 – Call of Juarez Gunslinger and Cloudberry Kingdom

MGSV: Ground Zeroes is definitely the show stealer this month but most of these games look super fun too.

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