Trailers Trailers From Last Week 6/7/2015 – Caution for Fallout

Written by Twisted Ideas

Oh boy, it’s back baby. Fallout 4 isn’t the biggest surprise ever but we always want confirmation. We see glimpses of the past before the bombs dropped, the protagonist speaks and there’s a dog again. These are only speculations of what the game might feature but we can imagine that this post-apocalyptic future that’s stuck in the 1950’s will maintain the witty writing and humor that the series if famous for.

We have a shorter Nintendo Direct for June but the condensed format doesn’t hurt the announcements made.

New Chibi Robo Zip Lash and Amiibo Bundle – Let’s see how fast these sell out.
Dr. Mario Miracle Cure – New mechanics and touch screen controls take this classic game and make it fresh and exciting.
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon – Same good old Pokemon dungeon crawler and all Pokemon accounted for.
Mario & Sonic At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Hooray… Let’s hope there aren’t motion controls for the Wii U version.
Splatoon Nintendo Zapper Weapon and Ranked Battles – This was so close to release that it should have been there from the start.
Art Academy Home Studio – This is for the artists.
Project Treasure – They didn’t show the very short trailer in the Direct oddly. It’s a 4-player co-op dungeon crawler with alright looking combat.
Nintendo World Championship 2015 June 14 – The original Nintendo World Championship was released in 1990 and was a rare cartridge and was used in a tournament. There will be a stream and possibly another tournament in the next week.
Little Battlers Experience – Was this a toy line and Anime before? Anyways, Custom Robo for Kids.
Puzzles and Dragons Z/Super Mario Bros Edition free update – 8 new woulrds after you complete the game for the Mario Edition and Z will have weekly updates.
Bravely Default 2 – The game won’t leave you lost if you haven’t played the first game. The gameplay should have more depth than the first.

Good announcements, short and straight to the point.

Mega Man who? Mighty No. 9 is created by Kenji Inafune, creator of Mega Man who left Capcom several years ago to create his own version of Mega Man because Capcom wasn’t doing anything with Mega Man.

There were a fair amount of trailers this week worth some attention but a lot of them showed too little or were bland. KillStrain had a playtest and live reactions and interviews with the players. It’s a new MOBA which features a 1v1v1 system. If I understand it correctly the Mutants can change the two Human teams into Mutants. This will increase the numbers on the Mutant team and increase their chances to win. I haven’t played League of Legends or DoTA but Killstrain looks to be optimized for console controls.

For anyone whose played Danganronpa, you know how weird and over the top the series is. It has been about groups of high school students having to participate in games where they have to kill each other and try to get away with it. It’s mostly a visual novel and a whole mess of other types of games.

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