News Nintendo World Championship 2015 Impressions

Written by Twisted Ideas

Last year, Nintendo chose to forgo The the typical press conference at E3 and chose to have an extended live stream and playable demos of their hottest games. This year Nintendo brought something special back. The Nintendo World Championship was a tournament held in 1990 the United States. Contestants competed in various Nintendo games for the ultimate prize and title of Nintendo “World” Champion. This tournament is most likely remembered as producing the rarest NES cartridge, a custom cartridge made specifically for the finals. 25 years later Nintendo revived the tournament for E3 2015.

Before the tournament officially started we saw a cooperative playthrough of Yoshi: Woolly World. The players show off one of the more mechanically challenging levels and while it wasn’t a smooth playthrough it shows off the clever level design, depth of mechanics and that there are collectibles galore.


Next was Earthbound: Beginnings. It is a Virtual Console translated release of Mother from the NES, unreleased in outside of Japan and is now available for purchase. That’s nice and all but what would be better is a Virtual Console release of Mother 3. It’s more recent, mechanically more fun to play and looks better.

The tournament started with 16 contestants, some more internet famous than others. There were five rounds with three saving grace elimination rounds. Contestants had no prior knowledge of the games to be played and many could have been thrown into the deep end as a result to the randomness.

The first round was a series of Splatoon games and the elimination round was a race to the end of the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda.



The second round started the world premier of Blastball on the 3DS. It’s Soccer with robots and guns. The second elimination round was a race in Super Metroid to defeat Mother Brain and escape the planet Zebes



The third round game was Mario Kart 8 in a custom Grand Prix on 200CC and the elimination round was a score challenge in Balloon Fight in the Balloon Trip mode.


balloon fight

This brought us to our final four players: Trihex, Cosmo, Mad Mage and John Numbers to play against each other in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. But before that could start we had an intermission as Reggie Fils-Aime showing off one of the new DLC characters, Ryu from Street Fighter. Reggie went head-to-head against one of the top Smash players Hungry Box. Reggie loss but we saw Ryu in action.


The fourth round was two timed rounds leaving our finalists Cosmo Wright and John Numbers in round 5. The final game was Mario Maker in four created stages. Mario Maker went well beyond what I would have imagined a Mario level editor would allow you to do. It was both shocking and amazing. There were near fan levels of trolling but it was all possible. I haven’t played a 2D Mario game in an long time but I’ve never wanted to play Mario so badly in a long time.


Ultimately the tournament went to John Numbers and both finalists were greeted by Shigeru Miyamoto. This was a great event for the fans, showing off their classic games from their current and even upcoming titles. Even if they didn’t show anything new Nintendo had a lot of internet personalities and entertainers to draw in crowds. If Nintendo has improved in any category in the past year it has been in advertising. Nintendo learned how to show potential customers if they want their games. We get hours of gameplay from talented gamers showcases of games. There’s something for everyone and smiles on everyone’s faces. From some of the other press conferences, other companies have gotten better at showing us games rather than manipulative movies. Let’s hope that Nintendo will have another successful lineup for the following year.



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