Review Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room

Written by Twisted Ideas

Life Is Strange™_20150730225112

Life is Strange has been slow to come out again and after huge cliffhanger Episode 3 left us on, fans have been anxiously waiting. Now that it’s here will Episode 4: Dark Room be even better than the last?

What do I think?

At the end of Episode 3, we were felt in a position that probably little to no people would have expected. It came out of nowhere and if the story continued on this path for the rest of the season it would have changed the entire story to up until that point. It was certainly a dramatic plot line that weighed heavy on your heart but fortunately, it resolved early on so we could continue solving the mystery of Rachel Amber.

Life Is Strange™_20150728235030

Max is reminded of Toy Story 3 and sees if any toys have gone up and ran away.

Dark Room is an episode about finding answers and boy, did we. This has been the strongest episode yet as most of the Max/Chloe reunion has wrapped up and the story can focus on the mystery of Rachel Amber. Their detective work actually paid off and several established plot lines start to converge. The ending on a high note that will lead us hopefully to a great finale. There are more shocks and twists than I was ready for and now more than every have I been anticipating the next episode.

My problem with the overall plot up until Episode 4 was that there was little context in Max and Chloe’s though process. They connected several seemingly unrelated incidents together and did it with the utmost confidence. I was a little dumbfounded when they connected Rachel Amber to Kate Marsh as Kate’s story could have been very cut and dry.  Maybe I was just really inattentive or maybe that there’s a lot of stories happening at once.

Life Is Strange™_20150730225927

Max is “that girl” who stands by herself against the walls during parties.

Life is Strange actually has way more going on then what you would think. You can read a plot summary thus far and miss out on a huge cast of characters, all relatively well defined. There’s the main plot, the “Degrassi” levels of school and family drama and the supernatural occurrences. It’s almost distracting to a degree because there is so much you can take in. It’s easy to forget what’s been going on, even without the delays.

Should you get it?

Life is Strange has been exceed my expectations. At first it seemed it would be a school drama with the added fun with time travel and that might have even worked too. As the episodes continued, the story has kept on pushing the bar higher. I’ve had some hang ups at the start because even though I really got into the characters, I had no idea where it was going. Realistically I still didn’t and probably still have too much of a clue what the finally has in store. Even if the conclusion isn’t a home run, the journey has been much better than I have expected. I suspect that Episode 5 will be released in about 2 to 3 months. Dontnod has consistently been missing their six-week target dates. It’s understandable for never doing an episodic series before and they should take time to work on the finale if needed. We’re at the point where anyone wanting to play it is waiting for it to be finished and/or collected on disc. If you’re into the Telltale series then this will definitely treat you well.

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