Article Who wants Humble Monthly?

Written by Twisted Ideas

Humble Bundle has come a long way from the indie bundles. They expanded to books and mobiles and even to Triple A publishers. Their newest endeavor is Humble Monthly, a subscription service featuring a handpicked collection of games by their staff. The games are kept secret until release and the monthly subscription is $12/month with the first bundle released November 6th.

This is a to Loot Crate and has the same issues. Mainly, you don’t know what the bundle will contain nor anything will be meaningful to you. Humble Bundle seems to be aiming for a variety of games unlike their themed bundles on their store. Also, all games should be playable on at least Steam.

I’ve read comments regarding Humble Monthly and I can theorize a few reasons why Humble Bundle are starting this program. They could be aiming for a guaranteed investment per bundle. Their incentives items for the average and fixed prices aren’t always incentivizing. There have been times I’ve refused to pay higher for items that I had no interest in. Another reason is to target a new or more casual gaming audience, they type of people without an expansive library of game who only buy games infrequently.

I suspect that Humble Monthly isn’t for people who visit and buy bundle regularly. They seem to want to bring in customers who wouldn’t or haven’t bought bundles before or who may stare blankly at the regular bundles. They can get a range of (hopefully) good games that may be flying under their radar or they wouldn’t have bought if presented a choice. I’m sure that if there are those types of people subscribing to this service that they will get something worthwhile.

Ultimately, Humble Monthly probably isn’t for people who have actually been to Humble Bundle before. Unfortunately as well, I’ve seen a fair amount of hate towards the program as a result because of the similarity to Loot Crate or that they could end up owning many of the chosen games. This is going to be a hard sell to people especially since we won’t see what’s in the bundle for another month. I may consider subscribing for the first month if only to see if I could get something that I can’t get on consoles that I’ve been dying to play. It also helps that my Steam library is relatively small too.


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