Trailers Trailers from Last Week – 1/31/2016 – Things are looking good

Written by Twisted Ideas

King of Fighters XIV has gone back to the 3D visual style, not seen since Maximum Impact. The series has always been known for its 2D graphics and the hand drawn look from XII and XIII stood out from the top fighting games. The 3D graphics have been coming under some backlash but they have been slowly refining the visuals. When this game is released, hopefully it becomes visually appealing and more approachable gameplay wise.

I’m still not a fan of how this game is split but if it means we are getting multiple, very sizable Fire Emblem games all at once, then I okay with that. Fire Emblem Fates seems to be fully exploring the world that they crated. While we always got glimpses of the other side, rarely has it been very in depth.

Final Fantasy Explorers just looks like good old fashion fun. It reminds me of Phantasy Star Online, just faster. Other than the time commitment of MMO-like games have always been a solid gaming choice. I haven’t looked too much into this to know how much of Square-Enix bad gaming practices have got onto Explorers but this still be quite alright.

Gravity Rush was a PS Vita game that was meant to show off the capabilities of the system, mainly the touch screen and motion controls. It was a game with a lot of great ideas but the system made the game very unwieldy and the size of the screen didn’t help matters. Now that Gravity Rush Remastered is on the PS4, more gamers can see Kat’s world in all of its beauty.

This War of Mine has been on PC for a little be more than a year now but is finally getting a console release with a few new extras. You play civilians in a war torn city, fighting for survival. This War of Mine is a great example of mechanics complementing narrative. It is pretty pricey at the moment but is a must play for gamers wanting to see how to tell stories through gameplay.

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