News Resident Evil 6 Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

The newest trailer Resident Evil 6 was recently shown at Tokyo Game Show. With the game right around the corner what will the plot have in store for our heroes.

E3 2012 Press Conferences Coverage

Written by Afroson

The biggest event annually for gamers and game developers congregate in Los Angeles. E3  or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a gamer’s paradise to witness exclusive game trailers, demos, big announcements of well-known game developers and anticipating release dates of  games coming later in the year and in 2013. I will be giving a thorough scope of E3 2012’s press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. And any surprising titles due for release later this year and next year of 2013. Without furtheradew here we go!

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Article My games of interest for May 2012

Written by Twisted Ideas

It’s a slower month than I initially believed especially with the delay of Darksiders II. There isn’t a whole lot coming out this month but there are some killer triple A titles in May.

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Article Bioware responds to Mass Effect 3 ending

Written by Twisted Ideas

Not a full day passed since I put up my review of Mass Effect 3 Bioware has finally responded to the fans concerning the ending. Some time this summer there will be free DLC currently called Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut. This will add closure to the existing endings. They are NOT adding or changing the endings.

While this won’t make everyone happy an epilogue was something that at least I feel that is necessary. I doubt that there will be playable content but I am curious about the variations that well will see. Whether Bioware has been planning this from the start or whether this is a response to the outcry hopefully this will but out some of these flames.




Article My Games of Interest for April 2012

Written by Twisted Ideas

Things are pretty quiet in games for the month of April, which is a good thing because I have a lot of games to get finished. Here’s what coming out that I’m considering buying.

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Review Elemental Monster Online Card Game

Written by Twisted IdeasI stumbled across this game when looking at the free games for Playstation Plus users. I have always had a fondness of trading card games even though I haven’t bought a booster for any card game for at least eight years now so I gave it a shot. I thought it was okay at the time but was too busy but I’ve played it again recently and it is actually pretty nifty. The interesting thing with this game is that there isn’t an accompanying paper version of the game and in terms of trading card games is actually is different from Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and other trading card games.

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News Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

A new game from Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture has come to my attention called Lollipop Chainsaw.

Yea… I want to play it.

Suda 51 is known for his bizarre and unique style as seen in Killer 7, No More Heores and Shadows of the Damned and this is no different. We’ve been hit with a rush of zombie games for the couple of years but let’s hope that this isn’t just another average hack and slash. Coming out 2012 get ready to kill some zombies.