News Overwatch Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers

Written by Twisted Ideas

I recently caught word of Blizzard’s upcoming new game, Overwatch. It’s a first person shooter with a Big Hero 6 feel in terms of animation and how it’s cinematic trail has presented its world. It’s appears to be aiming for a less “serious” tone of shoot that Team Fortress 2 has been doing for years but with more variety.

Not knowing beforehand what the game was, I wondered if this was a game or a movie trailer. I was very surprised that this is a Blizzard game because it’s so far outside of their wheelhouse. The thing that bugged me after watching the trailer is that the game is probably going to be a first person shooter. Blizzard seemed to be aiming for a youth and super hero enamored audience that it seems strange that they would attach it to a game about shooting and killing. The game is just cartoon violence and nothing gratuitous but it established itself so well as a would be superhero show or movie. But who knows, maybe if Overwatch does well Blizzard will take advantage of this thriving market. And if we’re especially lucky we will see Overwatch on cans and bottles of Mountain Dew.


Review Legend of Korra

Written by Twisted Ideas


The popular Nickelodeon show Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar the Last Air Bender is finally getting a game. As a licensed game it has to face the stigma of being a licensed game plus try to live up to the series. Is Legend of Korra worthy of living up to the show?

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