Article Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced at Evo 2013 and other fighting game news

Written by Twisted Ideas

Evo 2013, the largest fighting game tournament, was this past weekend and just before the Super Street Fighter 4 AE top 8 Capcom revealed its debut trailer. The update will contain 5 new characters (4 returning and 1 brand new), 6 new stages and unannounced new modes and features. The update will be on disc for $39.00 and DLC for $14.99  as with Arcade Edition. The disc version will contain all of the DLC costumes and owners of Super who didn’t upgrade to Arcade Edition will only have to pay for Ultra upon release. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will release early 2014.

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News Final Fantasy XIII-3 Revealed at PAX Prime

Written by Twisted Ideas

This past week at PAX Prime, the third installment of the Final Fantasy XIII series has been announced. Titled Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 will take place hundreds of years after the end of FF XIII-2 which was hinted at the end of Lightning’s “Requiem of the Goddess” DLC released earlier this year. Lightning will be the sole playable character in the game. The battle system will be revised and become real-time where you can freely control Lightning in battle. The story will take to a new locals in the world of Novus Partus which is threatened by an incoming doomsday taking place in thirteen days. There will be a persistent countdown that will be affected by actions you take in the game.

Love it or hate it XIII-3 is deviating even more from what people want from a Final Fantasy game. Me however have always enjoyed the XIII series despite the flaws. There are worse JRPG’s out there and worse games that you may have or could have played than FFXIII. I do not know if Square-Enix had planned that the series to go this direction from the start but Lightning’s story will be coming to an end. Expect to see Final Fantasy XIII-3 some time in 2013

Article Bioware responds to Mass Effect 3 ending

Written by Twisted Ideas

Not a full day passed since I put up my review of Mass Effect 3 Bioware has finally responded to the fans concerning the ending. Some time this summer there will be free DLC currently called Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut. This will add closure to the existing endings. They are NOT adding or changing the endings.

While this won’t make everyone happy an epilogue was something that at least I feel that is necessary. I doubt that there will be playable content but I am curious about the variations that well will see. Whether Bioware has been planning this from the start or whether this is a response to the outcry hopefully this will but out some of these flames.