Article My most anticipated games of 2013

Written by Twisted Ideas

what's hot in 2013

With the lull that was 2012 behind us let’s look towards the new year. 2013 is already promising a stronger line up with both sequels and a surprising amount of new IPs. There’s a lot to look forward to this year with several games coming out within the first half of the year. I’m not aware of everything that’s coming out but are the games that have been on my radar.

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E3 2012 Press Conferences Coverage

Written by Afroson

The biggest event annually for gamers and game developers congregate in Los Angeles. E3  or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a gamer’s paradise to witness exclusive game trailers, demos, big announcements of well-known game developers and anticipating release dates of  games coming later in the year and in 2013. I will be giving a thorough scope of E3 2012’s press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. And any surprising titles due for release later this year and next year of 2013. Without furtheradew here we go!

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